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Hi everyone,

I plan to build a TG12413...But I'm searching for original parts for the front panel.
It means

- the vu-meters (with a reversed one)
- the grey and red knobs (they look the same as General Radio KNB-1. I am right ? )
- How to find red ones ??
- those subminiature commutators...which are the good ones with ultra small bats ? Is someone have a mouser or farnell reference ?
- Same for big pushbuttons..

If someone have some interesting informations to share about TG front panel's original parts, I'm interested...and for sure I am not the only one !

Best regards,



The knobs can be found at (just scroll a bit down)

Mirroed meters will be very hard to get. Sifam does have a min order quantity  and the price will be over 200 euro for a pair.


It is said that they can also  be found here :

But I don't know their price...


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