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Title: What to build (transormer and transformerless) with a BA283?
Post by: Silvas on March 15, 2007, 05:20:13 PM
i have one spare from the vintage neve you can see in the pic next to me. I just need to build a pre or something from it...what do you think? which transformers will do? from cheap ones to costly ones....any transformerless option or possible circuit? i´m not necessarily after another neve 1272 clone, anyway we have the neve console with 28 x 31102 modules...but i think i can be useful for the other rooms to have a nice pre with neve parts on it...

any comment will be very welcome !

yes, i´ve searched this, but found the usual, using carnhill xformers and the JLM circuit and so...but i´m sure many of you have done something interesting with these cards..