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Title: MCI 500 HELP NEEDED ON CV control to VCA ..CV goes crazy
Post by: roginator on June 14, 2008, 07:21:55 AM
whell I have a problematic CV on I/O channel
actually when turning on desk..i/o cv seems to work OK, but after 2 hours goes crazy...and range is smaller after 3 hours it goes to distorsion in all range of fader is same level

tried another VCA , same thing, and another...again same thing

replaced transistor in that area

but still nothing
actually from fader I have signal and its all the time OK but after 100K reesistor on input of tlo80 pin 2 evrything goes wrong...

same effect when using VCA busses 1-8 so problem is in fader ACN buffer around TL080

 anybody any idea...