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Title: Hacking a Laser Printer and Saving Money!
Post by: owel on February 07, 2009, 01:14:00 AM
So my printer refuses to print a page... got a message on the screen.


So I checked Amazon on how much a new transfer belt will cost me... ACK!!!!


So I got my screwdriver, and proceed to take out the transfer belt from the printer... then disassembled it...


Hmmmm....what's that green looking thing?

I know... it's a fuse. 

Here's an idea....

Why don't I solder in a $0.10 cent fuse in there?  ::)


Okay there you go.... now, let's put it back together and put it inside the printer...


HEY LOOK!  It says "1 ACTIVE JOB" ..... and IT'S PRINTING!!!! It's ALIVE!!!! mwa hahahahahahah. ;D ;D ;D

Hmmmm.... it says "Replace OPC Drum"....

No problemo... I've got plenty of $0.10 cent fuses around here....