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Title: Link for Gssl BOM
Post by: bbj25 on August 31, 2012, 05:08:24 PM
Hey guys I need help finding a working PDF link for Greg's BOM. Every link in every thread I searched in google appears broken. Does anyone have the BOM saved where they can email it to me or post up a working link for others that may have the same problem?

Thank you in advance
Title: Re: Link for Gssl BOM
Post by: bbj25 on August 31, 2012, 05:33:29 PM
or Does anyone have an updated BOM for a GSSL comp. I searched again and noticed the threads are from 2007-2010. Useful info though but no BOM.

Please Help
Title: Re: Link for Gssl BOM
Post by: gyraf on September 01, 2012, 12:35:57 AM
On our GSSL-related page:

Design hasn't changed the later 10years or so - why would you want a new components list?

(..please use the dedicated help thread..)

Jakob E.
Title: Re: Link for Gssl BOM
Post by: bbj25 on September 01, 2012, 02:40:37 AM
Thank You Jakob! I guess I didn't search to thoroughly after all. I apologize for my ignorance  :D

Thanks Again.
Title: Re: Link for Gssl BOM
Post by: straypacket on October 31, 2012, 05:54:37 PM
Hi all,  I'm new and am also attempting a GSSL build - and I am very clueless about electronics in general (there, I said it out loud).

I used the Gyraf BOM as a starting point, and it was perfect for most of the simple components - but when it comes to more complex components, I am currently unsure of how to proceed:

For example the THAT2180 comes in 3 varieties that I can see - A,B,C which have different charactaristics (see page 12:

As another example,  there are many more varieties of and vendors of the LM78L12, LM7815, LM7912 and LM7915 (AC, ACZ, ACZ/NOPB etc...)

Finally some components are (to me) very vaguely specified: for example "1pcs Bridge rectifier, Round type, 1A/50V minimum".   A search for "Bridge Rectifier" comes up with a lot of hits - and I can usually find "1A/50V" but the other properties are extremely variable.   

I know that exact BOMs go out of date, as manufacturers and distributors change part numbers - but I would be very grateful for some clarification at least on the above listed parts.

I have already purchased the resistors, diodes and capacitors - and I think I have made the correct choices (the resistors were easy, but the caps had a lot more choices).   I can post the BOM if anyone is interested in helping me determine if I purchased the right stuff, or if they just want to see whats there.

Thanks in advance, and I apologize for my first post being an attempt to extract free advice from everyone ;)


EDIT: I will use the dedicated help thread next time