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Title: Comparison: (D)U47 FET vs MK47 tube - results?
Post by: EvLoutonian on May 31, 2013, 05:03:20 AM
Hi folks.

Wondering if people can share thoughts / insights / experience on this question..

I'm just at the final phase of my ioAudio MK47 build - definitely the biggest DIY electronics project I've ever undertaken! 
I'm hoping to be testing it in the next few days (if not later tonight!) when I've finished making the final connections inside the mic body and mounting the (Cathedral Pipes 'DALE M7') capsule. 

I also have a couple of sets of the D-U47 fet PCB's, waiting in the wings, and planning to build these into an Equinox body kit, too - same as I have done with the MK47.
So, in anticipation of everything coming together as planned with each build, I started to wonder..  how different should I expect these mic's to sound from each other?

It got me curious, has anyone else here already built both the MK47, as well as U47 fet style mic?

It would be really interesting to know, if you use the same mic body & head grill, & the same capsule .. would these mic's potentially sound quite similar, or not?

What would the differences be? 
(say, in cardioid only mode on each mic)

Has anyone built both mic versions, using same capsule type, and/or head grill etc, so as to be able to share their observations?

Thanks in advance,
Title: Re: Comparison: (D)U47 FET vs MK47 tube - results?
Post by: Melodeath00 on May 31, 2013, 11:12:05 AM
I haven't built either mic (yet), so I can't comment directly. However, I can comment on what I've read, which is that the U47FET is not that far off, and is surprisingly close to a tube U47. The poster said something along the lines of the FET being "90% there." That being said, you also see plenty of comments saying the U47FET is "garbage" on vocals compared to a U47 tube. I've also seen a shotoout where a U47FET was ultimately picked over a U47 tube for vocals.

Personally, I suspect they will sound pretty dang close if you're using the same capsule and body.