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Title: Modifying a Soundtracs Solo Midi mixer
Post by: althemusicwizard on July 14, 2018, 01:40:27 AM
I've just managed to buy  Soundtracs Solo in pretty good condition given that it's a 25 year old mixing console.  It probably would benefit from a serious overall and it got me thinking. It has almost everything I'm looking for in terms of a way of tying together 24-track analogue tape and 24-track digital. Two things that would have been nice would be:

1.  Better channel monitoring (although I can get round this by having the tape machine near when using analogue, and having a digital meterbridge open when using digital).

2. Moving faders that output midi data as controller numbers.

I have a Mackie Ultramix system hooked up to the console which gives VCA automation via an old (1997) Mac/ Windows software.  It's a real fiddly affair to get the whole thing going as it consists of an old computer, a midi interface, a Mackie Ultrapilot control surface and the 19" rack unit / patchbay which houses the audio electronics of the VCA automation. It would be absolutely the dog's proverbials if I could get some moving faders like say the ones on a Yamaha 02R (as the units are cheap as chips) to replace the ones in the Solo. I realise I may just be dreaming with no real idea what's involved here but thought I would ask here for some thoughts on the idea?