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Title: FS: S800 EQ pair (Trident Series 80), in 1ru Par-Metal Chassis
Post by: rascalseven on April 13, 2019, 05:03:44 PM
A pair of S800 (Trident Series 80) EQs in 1ru.  Internal power.  Laser engraved front panel.  Wired for 120v mains (fuse mounted internally, which is why you don't see it on the rear panel by the IEC connector).  But for a little dust in the pics, these are in absolutely perfect condition.

For those not familiar with this project (from a few years back) the circuit is taken directly off the Trident drawings:  balanced line input to EQ to HPF and then to simple balancing output stage (O/P stage not part of the original drawings, just added so these will interface nicely with the balanced, +4 outside world). 

I built these with proper tantalum caps where Trident used them (the original component kits sold for this project included standard electrolytics instead of tants in these positions).  The sound is spot-on Trident Series 80.  My favorite EQ for electric guitars.  Also great for drums, making vocals stand out, etc. 

Absolutely perfect condition with no issues whatsoever.

I also have a second pair of these, identical in every way, that I may sell as well, so if you want four channels let me know.  For the moment I'm only listing this pair, though I am simplifying my setup, so may let the others go too.  FWIW.

$650 firm. 

Please ask any questions you have, and thanks for looking!



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