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Title: GSSL BOM - for UK
Post by: emid on May 20, 2019, 08:56:20 AM
Like many, this will be my first project. I am ready to go through trials and errors and have the joy of learning something new for myself. I have no prior education but had hands on a few very small scale projects during my college days.
I would like to learn from you learned people as I go.  Hope that is fine with you.
I am looking for an updated GSSL BOM compressor. I came across a thread but it was not complete. If anyone kindly share his, I will appreciate.
Many thank in advance.
Title: Re: GSSL BOM - for UK
Post by: weiss on May 20, 2019, 11:33:43 AM
Hello emid,

welcome !
There hasn't changed a lot during the later revisions. You will be fine with any bom after 2012/2013 or so.
There also must be some mouser carts made ready to order by members. Just look through the official GSSL help thread ( Everything you need is there. It is a lot to read through, i know.. (especially when you got errors to fix) but it will help you learning and understanding DIY.
I also recommend reading one of Gustav's ( assembly guides of the gyraf ssl. Especially as a newbie this helped me a lot understanding everything.

Anyway, i attached a BOM for you, hoping this is going to help you. I'd recommend asking anything gssl related in the thread i linked above.
Title: Re: GSSL BOM - for UK
Post by: emid on May 20, 2019, 12:19:54 PM
Thank you very much. Just downloaded the BOM, I'll have a look and also keep in mind your advice. Yes I am in the process of reading this never ending thread :) Cheers Weiss.

Meanwhile, if anyone can share his mouser cart with me, I shall be grateful. Preferably UK based.
Many thanks