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Title: Neve BA283 Cards - offers.
Post by: La Chunky on May 25, 2019, 04:43:48 PM
Four Neve BA283 Amp Cards - Populated with Output section (Neve 1292 1073 1081)

This post is for 4 genuine Neve BA283 amplifier cards. These were bought from Funky Junk in London some years ago as fully working. They were bought for a project which I never got round to building. The boards have been in storage ever since.

The output sections are fully populated. Input section components can be easily fitted to make a complete BA283 card.

These can be used to make DIY Neve style mic preamplifiers or could of course be used to replace existing BA283 Boards.

Schematics can be easily found online alongside a wealth of information online on how to use these cards on sites such as JLM audio, Group DIY, etc, etc.

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