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Microphones / Re: Dissecting the Delphos
« Last post by kingkorg on Today at 06:52:34 PM »
Black Market / Re: FS: "Poor man's" Pultec EQ, two-channel
« Last post by mylesgm on Today at 06:48:06 PM »
Do you have an eBay link? M
Drawing Board / Re: Neumann N52a max current
« Last post by Murdock on Today at 06:46:00 PM »
Nobody?   :-\
The Lab / Re: Speaker pigtail wire replacement
« Last post by Tubetec on Today at 06:42:34 PM »
Cheers Scott ,
No, its all good .
Very often on speakers I notice a blob of epoxy or some kind of contact adhesive where the lizt exits the back of the cone ,as this is the point Ive soldered too ,I'v just gone ahead and stabilised the connections with some blobs of contact. Interestingly I also spotted a section of the speaker + wire with the insulation removed ,and it was in a position likely to come in contact with chassis, no wonder this amp was a bit of a liabillity .  Anyhow I'll power it up tomorrow and use my new sig gen to give the cone a bit of a work out to make sure it holds up .
Really simple little amp the Yorkville 120B ,just two output transistors . I wonder what happened to Yorkville ,they dont seem to exist anymore , they used do nice pa speakers at one point too ,the Elite 160's were always a fav of mine ,of course thin on bass ,but they carried vocals and acoustic instruments superbly even by modern standards . The bose 802's were the another more common speaker of the era ,and unless you had the system equaliser or a graphic with a big smiley face on it they sounded honky as hell .I modded up an Elite 160 wedge years ago with a 100w panel from a subwoofer ,I wired directly to the poweramp ,still works away great ,and just needs a line level out from the monitor send on the desk.
For what can be expected from such an old design, I have it working well at this point. I only wish it could catch LF transients faster and that it had a hair less hum. While having practical expectations it works great and shines. While slamming snare tracks it misses the transient. Of course those are extreme settings.. and tubes aren't always all that fast. It  would benefit from good matching to help common mode and from DC heaters. Self noise exposes some 60 cycle to the ears and to the spectrum analyzer with the output cranked.
Brewery / Re: Ahh, we are back again!
« Last post by ruffrecords on Today at 06:35:09 PM »
There are not many things on the internet I would really miss but this place would definitely be top of the list.



Would you happen to know what brand 1n5231 diodes you used? It would definitely be helpful as option for others to try who get the noise issue with zeners etc.

As I posted above, I do no recall and I cannot seem to find that order. They were either Vishay or ON/Fairchild.


Brewery / Re: Ahh, we are back again!
« Last post by Rob Flinn on Today at 05:40:54 PM »
Microphones / Re: Dissecting the Delphos
« Last post by Khron on Today at 05:34:25 PM »
I'm gonna guess, something along the lines of, "because we can" ;D

And/or i guess you could argue it's to appeal (more) to the more "average" buyer, who is (sadly) still under the impression that price is a direct reflection of quality (whatever that means)...

You know, if it's ("too") cheap, it can't possibly be any good, can it? :P
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