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Brewery / Re: social media, the problem?
« Last post by justinheronmusic on Today at 06:31:26 PM »
 I've been off of all major social media outlets (IG, FB, Twitter, Ect.) for a little over 3 years. Since my leaving, I'm in a much healthier state of being. And I have learned a lot from being off it, particularly who my real friends are, and just to what extent people that you used to know or currently "know" use social media as a means of surveillance.

 My main concern with social media was that I felt that not only was I willfully participating in my own brainwashing, and falling slave to the political and business agendas of facebook, and the agendas of those who use facebook as a tool for brainwashing, but I could see the opinions of the people in my life influenced by what I knew was social media driven news/politics/opinions ect based on popular news post, and or shared information - I was really picking up on this sort of "hive minding" that was happening in my immediate community, and social media community.

 If you ask me, it's not JUST social media that is the problem, it is the smartphone in general. We as humans have been using it as poverty inducing numbing devices. People constantly buy stuff on their phones, they constantly expose themselves to news articles, opinions, and force themselves to make micro decisions on purchases induced by ad space on the internet. One cannot logon without being confronted with the decision, "20% off, wow, what a deal, should I take advantage of that or not?". Flooding our dopamine receptors with endless photos, videos, interactions, and content that we've never seen before. Nothing in the real world will ever be as exciting to our brains.

 The more time we spend in an echo chamber of people pointing the finger at each other, the longer we the people will be divided, and easily influenced. If we are divided, we are conquered, and the more people that are born into this planet, the more people there are to control. What better way to control the people then by dividing them, removing their ability to survive and replacing it with a reliance on the implemented system for their basic human needs, and then making them feel that they are missing the ingredients for a happy life; they must consume in order fulfill their needs and consume to be happy, spending those hard earned paychecks. The more we consume the more we impoverish ourselves. In a society where money is power and only those with large sums can make decisions, it leaves the rest of us at their mercy. Now, more than ever, corporations exercise their power to influence politics.

 Social media is not the only problem, it's the inability for people to identify to what extent they are being controlled, and willfully enslaving themselves to the system with blinders on their eyes. If we all wake up and refuse to participate, surrender our convenience for a moment, or even just create stronger boundaries of what we will and will not tolerate, we can create a shift towards a better use of this tool that we call the internet.
Brewery / Re: covid politics
« Last post by iturnknobs on Today at 06:21:23 PM »

On May 20, Pennsylvania state Rep. Andrew Lewis, a Republican, tested positive for the coronavirus.

On May 27 -- aka Wednesday -- his Democratic colleagues say he finally told them about the positive test

REPUBLICAN SCUMBAGS. You cant make this SH*T up!!!
Drawing Board / Re: Critique this internet sourced Bax design...?
« Last post by SWAN808 on Today at 06:19:51 PM »
I need to find a pot with centre detent to fit the values of this design (100k and 500k) and/or the Douglas Self one which is 10k...which is a 6mm spline shaft and 15mm shaft length...(the Tayda unfortunately are 17mm)

question: if I used a 20k pot in the place of a 10k could this be accounted for by other resistance?

other question: in these types of EQ circuit which component value stipulates the boost amounts?
Brewery / Re: social media, the problem?
« Last post by Dualflip on Today at 05:57:38 PM »
I saw a recent report about an internal study Facebook did about divisiveness. They determined that their algorithms designed to increase engagement (time and number of posts), actually leads to increased divisiveness.

They decided that increased engagement was more valuable to them than the negative (?) consequence of higher divisiveness.


I decided a long time ago that I did'nt want to take part in the whole social network hysteria, so im not on Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram or any of that crap, and it is bliss.
Brewery / Re: social media, the problem?
« Last post by Recording Engineer on Today at 05:55:44 PM »
I think the better question is: Why does social media increase divisiveness?

Is it because they allow full-blown crazy, out of thin-air conspiracy-theories, crimes, and socially-unexceptable behavior, and even proud racial-hate disguised as politics, trying to make it more exceptable-looking today?

Is it because all these things that were previously passed-off as “my crazy uncle” or “boys will be boys”, or however anyone compartmentalized it before, is now out in the open and people are finding other people just as mentally unstable or as fearful of others that don’t look like them?

Is it because we’ve had twenty to twenty-five years worth or more of 24-hour talk entertainment media making all these things feel acceptable via politics to these people and now their kin?

So now a social media company makes a decision, for one reason or another, to make a change, starting with the US’s highest-profile user. He’s claiming his protected rights are being violated, but clearly they are not. Instead, the company’s protected rights are being threatened to be violated.
Drawing Board / Re: Poor Man's Tube Mixer
« Last post by ruffrecords on Today at 05:41:01 PM »
Beautiful Ian, I hope I one day can build a small tube mixer for my studio.

Quick question (might be answered somewhere else, sorry if so): what ht voltage does the TLA expect? I am playing with the idea of adding one of these boards on the input side of the DAOC I'm building to use it for input gain (so I can use trimmers in place of the pot meters in the compressor circuit to accurately match gain between channels) and was wondering if I could use the transformer I'm using (250ac secondaries + 9v for the heaters)

The TLA will work on any HT voltage from 250V to over 300V. It requires 12V heaters, preferably DC.


Microphones / Re: 3u Audio now has an M7 capsule!
« Last post by Moby on Today at 05:40:06 PM »
Today I received the capsule. It was fast. Well packed, looking god. I'm super busy in next few days, but I will put it in the test body ASAP.  Stay tuned :)

Count me in as well!
The Lab / Re: ABC (Australia) schematics
« Last post by ruffrecords on Today at 05:33:24 PM »
I think this might be his Facebook page:


Microphones / Re: C414 EB noise problem.
« Last post by Rob Flinn on Today at 05:33:19 PM »
Thanks for the tips guys.
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