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I looked up the typical current draw per slot on 500 series stuff, and most makers supply about 250 mA per slot. Some modules more draw a little more, some a little less. So I would think  a 300 mA fuse would be fine. It will hold 300 mA all day, but trip at 600 mA.
> I´ve always worked with inductors for ....RF filters

Audio and RF, no difference.

Except values are thousands of times larger. In coils this means that DCR ("Q") may be hard to get.

And we don't often use C-L-C in audio because the input goes "short" above the passband. Even if you don't want that stuff, audio amps don't like shorts. Different in RF, especially narrowband RF where there shouldn't be large signal outside the passband.

Thanks a lot for your answer!
In my case the CLC filter type is due to a sonic characteristic that I want to be printed in the sound, nothing else.
I know there are better multiple filter topolgies, but in my case I need that one.
Absolutely !
Take some 1/4w or 0,6w or whatever you want.
So instead of the two 1/3rd watt 10 ohm fusing resistors, would it be possible to use two of something like these in their place?

No idea what value, though.
The Lab / Re: UA 610 Preamp - Transformer Substitute
« Last post by dawsonaudio on Today at 12:02:20 AM »
I'm getting ready to put the finishing touches on my 610 build.  I'm adopting the below power supply from the LA2A I never built.  The power transformer is 500vdc at the secondary.  I just want to make sure that the B+ won't be too high.   I know the voltage will drop a bit under load but not sure if it will come down that much.  I haven't connected the B+ yet as I'm going to triple check all of my connections.

Maybe I should use a different power supply design...?  Just not sure where to look as the 610 schematic doesn't have much to reference from.

Thanks again for the help here.  I'll be sure to post some photos tomorrow or next once I get it working.

Drawing Board / Re: Poor Man's Tube Mixer
« Last post by [email protected] on September 17, 2019, 11:29:33 PM »
Space is the other issue.

And so is heat... 10 tubes make a decent space heater enough to keep a bedroom cozy.

The 500 series makes little sense for an all tube design, but the ability to link two of these boxes together may make it more scalable if desired than swappable modules.

This is an amazing and ambitious project, Ian. Best of luck!
Black Market / Re: Neve 2254 original type cases and frontpanel
« Last post by rackmonkey on September 17, 2019, 11:14:29 PM »
I’d be in.
Dynamic Processors / Re: Bloo LA2A VU Meter Bulbs
« Last post by Phrazemaster on September 17, 2019, 11:14:00 PM »
Off the 6.3V filament voltage supply.  You will need a diode if they are not DC heaters in that design.  And you will need a current limiting resistor.
With just a diode wouldn’t it flash at 60hz?
The Lab / Re: Neve 3114 module schematics needed
« Last post by mjrippe on September 17, 2019, 10:21:39 PM »
Does this schematic indeed exist? It is nowhere to be found on the Internet. The block diagram of the 33114 exists, but that is not a schematic.

If you use the dropbox link above, the 33115 schematic covers 90% of the 33114 circuit.
The Lab / Re: Thomson-Houston EQ
« Last post by mjrippe on September 17, 2019, 10:18:39 PM »
'Tis a beautiful thing!
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