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Dynamic Processors / Re: Drip Dual-STA 5167 Limiter
« Last post by FarisElek on Today at 05:51:41 PM »
Boy I liked this thing with JJ 6V6, but with Sylvania 6V6GT I like it even better.
Black Market / Re: Re: WTB: IOaudio MK-U47 kit or D-EF47
« Last post by duantro on Today at 05:30:30 PM »
Yes I got like a dozen from him until 2018,then he finished this model. Mic is 1500EUR, I can send many samples these mics are highly regarded by the local classical music /jazz studios,mics are very reliable I can send spare tubes also.
here is an example with David Liebman on sax:
Nice. I'm sure it's worth it. I'm more in the market for a body, as I have most of the parts to build one. thanks!
I think your overthinking it.

Build yourself a simple website describing your specialties, and what you can service, give your hourly rates with a free estimate. Make it pretty with pictures of vintage gear and a nice workbench.
Then go to all the band practice places and studios in town and hand out cards or flyers with the website info.
You should have a broad supply of standard parts to start. With Mouser and Digikey you can somewhat buy parts on the fly according to a specific job and build from there.
Then just see where it takes you. This seems like the most logical and cost effective way to do it. In fact I see no other practical way.

Thank you; that's what I'm talking about!  This is very practical advice and is pretty much what I'm doing right now.  I definitely see needing to hit the street and connect with people face to face at concerts, etc...2 day FedEx from Mouser has been pretty awesome and has been quick enough from me.
I have started several businesses over the years and in my judgement in some ways it is easier now than in the past, but in other ways it could be harder.

Almost any time I think of some gadget I need, I find one for sale from Amazon... (almost).

The WWW makes direct sales far easier... Back in the 70s I had to actually advertise and mail out catalogs, now you just need to build a kick ass website.

If your idea is so easy you can't share it, maybe you need a different concept with a higher barrier against competition.

Have something unique to sell (like a drum tuner that doesn't suck).

Good luck... Just do it...


Just do it.  Best advice; Thank you!
so you want to start a tech business in Nashville? just assuming based on your description.

No, not a chance.  I'm not Nashville material.
Being extremely patient,and having a number of years to build the list.I have done virtually zero marketing,all word of mouth. I can also confidentially say that I am not planning on staying in the repair business or doing it as my only source of income as its been incredibly difficult and very low paying. I am not trying to discourage you, this business is just not very glamorous after doing it a few years haha. And I can guarantee that I make a fraction of what you make as a formally trained engineer and Im the main guy in a city of 250000 in California...with no other repair shops within an hour drive (Plenty once you get to the bigger cities around me like SF Bay). If you are going to do it,I would recommend focusing on a niche with money in it.I have started doing mixing console installs and on site studio repair,and that has been far more profitable than almost all of the repair work I would get in.

Thank you  for sharing. Well, I guess I will consider doing some marketing in this case and look into remote repairs as well.  I feel resigned to the fact that its not a very glamorous job and that I will likely need other income sources.  There is less population here but there is a decently vibrant music scene here when not in pandemic mode. 
Still, knowing location is needed in order to answer with any degree of weight..

Europe, USA, Asia?

And what sort of tech business are you up to? Repairs? Producing stuff, in which case for what segment? OEM?

What are you good at, what do you find interesting to work with?

I fail to see any objective scenario where you could be "outcompeted before even starting" - this slightly paranoid angle would probably be one of the least productive ways to approach building a trust-based relationship with your potential customers. A trust that will be your primary asset in just about any business related to audio/music as the industry looks these days.

/Jakob E.

Ok folks.  I was kind of joking a bit about my location.  Its a Montana thing.  Im in the USA near Missoula, Montana.

My business will encompass repairs, modification, and custom builds. 

I'm good at soldering and desoldering.  Im decent with troubleshooting.  I'm decent with mechanical/fabrication.  I'm lacking in deep design knowledge.

I've worked on anything from microphones (cleaning dynamic diaphragms, re-attaching coil leads) to mixing consoles and guitar amps.  I like them all.  Like I said, I'm less experienced with Reel to Reels (I don't have any alignment tapes) and turntables.

Like I said, I was kind of joking about that. ;).
Hey guys, I’m really putting the cart before the horse here, because I’m going to have so many dumb basic questions pretty soon, but in hopes of currying some favor ahead of that, I’d like to (hopefully) contribute something useful. 

I have been going back and forth about whether I will ultimately want to incorporate the Hold function.  Opinions on it seem to swing both ways, and I don’t want to be committed to something that I end up disliking.  On the other hand, I don’t want to miss out.

So I spent some time thinking and I believe I’ve come up with a way to have the option of both auto-release AND hold usable, switchable between the two using a 4pdt switch.  I’m kind of nervously anticipating that someone will tell me I missed something obvious and this won’t work and I’m an idiot (I already know that last part), but I figured I’d put it out there and see what you think.

I drew it out because it helps me to visualize things.  The wire from the CW side of the Hold pot could also be connected directly to the ground pad of R58, but I thought this option seemed a little tidier.  What do I know, though.
The Lab / Re: ANY idea what this is? Tab AK5 filter
« Last post by analogguru on Today at 04:36:13 PM »
My bet is that it is a low-pass-filter for telephone- (3,5kHz) or studio- (16kHz) lines.
Brewery / Re: Kithara: if you love acoustical instruments...
« Last post by bluebird on Today at 04:27:20 PM »
I can play Van Halen and sadly the ladies still don't swoon for me.

Really beautiful sounds! It makes me feel ancient and eternal, like the sounds are encoded into my DNA somehow. But probably from just watching Game OF Thrones recently... ;D
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