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The Lab / Re: Fender amp - output questions
« Last post by Che_Guitarra on Today at 04:33:25 AM »


After CJ went through the effort to draw me a schematic, how could I say no to his idea?  But seriously - thanks CJ - I don't post here much, and whether you realise it or not, you always give me the best of advice.  A virtual high-five out your way, good sir  8)

Space was too tight in the chassis for any of the above suggestions, so creativity saved the day... the smallest hammond case I could find - hacksawed in half, drilled, retapped for an unseen purpose!  At the end of the day, it works quite well.

Also -  I went to the better electronics shop in my area, and all their mono jacks area shorting jacks... now i've seen a shorting jack I understand it's up to the user to employ the shorting function or not.  How does that change what I should do?  I've currently got all four jacks wired up in mono fashion.

The Lab / Re: Distorting Neumann KM84
« Last post by chefducuisine on Today at 04:09:52 AM »
This is how I approach damaged KM8x:
- Check capsule connection (the two wires on top of the PCB assembly that connect to the middle pin)
- Check for shorts caused by improper repair attempts.
- Check everything for bad solder joints
- If the input FET has been replaced, re-biasing is necessary (like U87 biasing, it is the same procedure).
- Replace tantalum transistors because of age.

Be careful around the transformer - the connection wires are very delicate.
Hello guys!

Up for sale the Voxbox channel strip by Manley Labs.
Great working order and cosmetic shapes - very low hours! Actually it looks like new (see pictures). It comes in the original factory box.

I accept Paypal and bank wire transfer.
$2332 USD. Free worldwide shipping via EMS Express right to your door.

Microphones / Re: Bv8,12,11 replica feeler please read CLOSED
« Last post by Moby on Today at 03:52:06 AM »
Moby, I really like the  "trim to taste" pack of Ni49 idea.
Would that require a large commitment from us for a minimum quantity?
I would like to hear from you what you think about it, so thanks for your comment. I already asked material supplier for the MOQ, so If its resonable I will order that and offer here as the optional. So, if I succeed, people who orderd the basic pack will be able to add Ni49 also.
Microphones / Re: Bv8,12,11 replica feeler please read CLOSED
« Last post by tony hunt on Today at 03:43:21 AM »
Moby, I really like the  "trim to taste" pack of Ni49 idea.
Would that require a large commitment from us for a minimum quantity?
I purchased a Quad Eight graphic EQ recently but it's missing one knob! By some chance does anyone have one? They look to be similar to what was used as some console faders? Maybe the designed was shared with other brands in the era. If you have something you think matches please let me know

The Lab / Re: Roland jazz chorus 50 distorting at low volume
« Last post by eriksunding on Today at 03:23:03 AM »
It was the speaker. I tried it thru the headphone jack and it’s clean as a whistle.
Thanks err’body for the suggestions
Brewery / Re: Do you earn from doing DIY?
« Last post by [silent:arts] on Today at 03:08:37 AM »
As long as you sell it directly to the customer, I guess it doesn't matter. Technically it still must be certified, but nobody cares when dealing face to face.
It only becomes an issue if you want to distribute it on a large scale, through legitimate distributors.
Wrong. Why should there be a difference?

There is also this thing called RoHS compliance - and not a single DIY project will pass it, because most likely it was soldered using traditional lead solder.
If your customer uses lead solder to solder your PCBs it is not your business. If you use it it is.
Brewery / Re: Halloween scare
« Last post by Gene Pink on Today at 01:55:52 AM »
What is it,  super huge wolf spider?
I don't think so, after much googling, it doesn't look right. Built very much like a typical brown Texas tarantula, but with black fur, and much longer legs. And having run across these before, they are arrogant, where as the usual brown ones are very docile. They sense your presence, spin around quick to face you, hunch down in the back, and do this aggressive front end bouncing up and down thing, as if to say "Put up your dukes, it's on".

I would like to know what it is.


Drawing Board / Re: Signal Input Protection Diodes
« Last post by abbey road d enfer on Today at 01:39:57 AM »
Diverting into power supply rails doesn't make as much sense to me.
Then many audio designers are wrong.
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