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Black Market / Re: Household Clearance
« Last post by mishagolin on Today at 11:05:47 PM »
interested in the pair of PeterC 5003s. can you send me a PM?
Dynamic Processors / Re: [BUILD] 1176LN Rev D DIY
« Last post by OneRoomStudios on Today at 10:45:56 PM »
More experimenting. I built a FWB rectifier for the meter (which seems to be a 300uA DC meter), and get pretty close to 0dB at 1.223V with a 3K6 resistor. All good on the output metering.

The GR metering still isn't working though. When switched into GR mode, I measure around 300mV across points 28/29, which feed the meter in that setting, but see nothing on the meter (doesn't go to "0," stays at -inf). It shouldn't matter with a FWB rectifier, but I checked the DC polarity, and it's correct. I'm at a loss now.

This is a DC meter, but I can only get it to read AC (with a rectifier), and it doesn't seem to be reacting to the DC  coming from the meter driver circuit. Any ideas?
Why not design them yourself or have one of us work with you?  Eagle is a great program and can be learned relatively quickly. I have the full version as i use it a lot but you can download the free version which is still very good
Drawing Board / Re: THAT preamp with 3 Band fixed EQ
« Last post by eddie_ruff_ on Today at 10:06:28 PM »
...for those interested, I've finished this build some time ago. I now have 10 channels of preamp and EQ. The low, mid, and high bands have two frequency options (via push-pull). This is an old picture before I put the knobs on. Overall, it sounds great on drums and guitars. Not the simplest of designs, but a breeze to track with and very musical to use.
The Lab / Re: microphone hiss AKG C12A
« Last post by pucho812 on Today at 09:51:02 PM »
went into the mic locker today.

the high hiss par in question is in fact a pair of c12a's. They happen to be in a case with a c412, a c412 screw on base and a third c12A base, more on that later.
Brewery / Re: Unlike other cd upgrades, this one is indefinite use...
« Last post by Seeker on Today at 09:49:44 PM »
This and a quantum ground lifter and you’re all set! 

Maybe they coat the outside with a little lsd... for the next six hours everything sounds amazing!
The Lab / Re: Valley People Dynamite Compressor: Repair
« Last post by eddie_ruff_ on Today at 09:47:34 PM »
What value did you replace the filter caps with?

Also,  if you ever open this up again, could you take a pic of how the ribbon cable interfaces with the PSU? I got a unit missing the power supply and am trying to recreate one as best I can. Finding pics of these opened up has been a challenge.

Apologies for the delay! The unit is racked and in use right now, so I don't have any additional gutshots. The original google drive link has been updated. I've added the schematics I used. Below are my notes from the repair.

C1, C2 are now 4700uF 35V United Chemi-con KYB
C15, C16 are now 0.033uF 63V WIMA
C17 is now a 150uF 50V Nichicon
C6, C7, C12, C18, C19 are now 4.7uF 50V ELNA
C9, C20, C21 are now 0.47uF 50V WIMA
C10 is now 0.068uF 63V WIMA
U10 is now LME49710
I was wondering does anyone have the full documentation for this project?
The Help docs on has no schematic on the U7 Daughter Board, all other links I have found are dead.
I would be incredibly thankful for any additional documentation anyone could share.
All the documents needed are in the thread,
gotta go through and read all pages.
the U7 is not documented
Black Market / Cinemag CM-2511 for LA3A
« Last post by hylaphone on Today at 07:38:50 PM »
Threaded bushing version. Tacked in for a prototype, wire leads are full length minus 1/4". Otherwise mint...
Asking $50 shipped CONUS
Or trade for another 1:10 input?
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