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The Lab / Re: Calrec DL2934 racking questions
« Last post by cadds on Today at 06:55:36 AM »
Hi Willem.

I am also in the process of racking up 3 x Calrec pcb’s a PY2929 Mic amp & router, QF2925 Stereo EQ for witch I have a little info but I could do with any info you may have regarding the DL2934 I have sorted out the power supplies but could do with info regarding the in/out pins this would save me hours of poking around guessing Ha! If you would like the info I have on the other pcbs, mail me and I can mail back to u I have only photos of the original schematics but they show everything you need pin outs etc.

My Best Regards
The Lab / Re: KORG stage echo SE-500 and SE-300 service manuals
« Last post by krazh on Today at 05:47:33 AM »
Hi Guys,
In order to restore my 2 dying KORG stage echo's,
i need the service manuals or schematics to fix them,
But i couldn't find them anywhere on the internet.
if anybody has them in a pdf file and would agree to send them,
Or if know a website where i can find them
it would be really great ,
these babies have been in storage for too long ...

have attached the schematic, hope it helps.
Black Market / Re: G.TEN 500 series graphic eq
« Last post by dirty1_1garry on Today at 05:35:06 AM »
saturday bump
Microphones / Re: Pronomic SCM-1
« Last post by RuudNL on Today at 04:27:05 AM »
The Lab / Re: Wires 230/110 switch & transformer
« Last post by catosalsa on Today at 04:25:55 AM »
Thanks everyone. I painted the wires wrong.  On the transformer the primary wires is every second red / every second black. I finally wired as  the attaced picture. Seems to  be working,  I have 2 x 19VAC on the secondary.
Microphones / Re: Pronomic SCM-1
« Last post by Icantthinkofaname on Today at 04:12:09 AM »
I have a feeling it is this one:
Yeah, that's what I figured but I'm not finding those mics, and most their stuff seems to not be actual studio condensers either (a ton of dynamics though), there's a lot of lav and gooseneck mics and a lot of their studio stuff looks like the usual stuff from Nady and the like, though I will say some of their LDCs under the "Pro Microphones" tab intrigue me. They have some stuff that looks like Shure condenser knockoffs with some pretty decent sounding specs, but no audio samples or frequency plots (this doesn't bother me so much, but they're cheaper condensers that are Apex/Nady rebrands have them) or even a dedicated info page for the individual mics.

The other few results actually called Byron Audio seem to be videography services.
Microphones / Re: Pronomic SCM-1
« Last post by RuudNL on Today at 03:43:29 AM »
I have a feeling it is this one:
Brewery / Re: stickers improve your sound....
« Last post by ruffrecords on Today at 03:38:46 AM »
I used to make 'Danger High Voltage' stickers to go on the back of my mixers. It wasn't until I changed them to black writing on a yellow background that the depth, vibrancy and inside leg measurement of the music improved dramatically.


Brewery / Re: happy nacho day
« Last post by kambo on Today at 02:45:12 AM »
dont know about the nacho day but 12ax7 and me had some drinks by the ocean today  :P
The Lab / Re: Collins 26U1 Peak Limiter Power Transformer
« Last post by CJ on Today at 02:35:19 AM »
voltage doublers do not have very good regulation and they generate more ripple,  that is why you have the two choke filter circuit,

it would seem that you want good regulation for a compressor circuit, witness the stiff supply in the Fairchild 670,

so you would be upgrading the Collins with a full wave of bridge circuit,

a lot of TV sets in the old days used doublers, i do not know why, obviously money would be my first guess, i bet you can use a cheaper transformer, half the secondary turns required, which means you can use bigger wire and keep heat down,  there is a ton of math on doublers in RDH4 relating cap size vs regulation vs voltage vs peak rectifier/avg rectifier current and all sorts of gobbly goop that is only understood by Ham radio geeks and what not,  :D

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