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Make sure to recap the tantalum caps, too. They degrade with age and turn into a resistor.
Yes, yes..... therefore all the "satellites fail"..... every day another comes down....
Hi Zayance,

I've just sent you a PM regarding a Varimu 463 PCB set. :-)

Kind regards,

The Lab / Re: Vintage Yamaha 1204 Mixer Opamp upgrade
« Last post by analogguru on Today at 06:09:58 AM »
..... new capacitors are much better than those made 40 years ago, not only because they are new, but also because the have lower ESR,.....
I wouldn't be so convinced - here is the proof of the opposite:

Microphones / Re: Dachman Audio Capsules?
« Last post by rogs on Today at 05:56:47 AM »
As this Group name includes the letters 'DIY' in title I would have thought many of the participants who have found their way here here might have been first attracted to the 'Do It Yourself' aspect of this Group title?

I have bought a dozen or so 'cheap' Chinese 34mm LDCs - of various descriptions - over the last couple of years, and have found them all good value for money (The most I have paid for any one capsule is around £30).
They are most certainly different from each other - sometimes even those that are presented as the same device!
And they respond differently when fitted to various types of circuitry -- The same capsule sounds quite different when it has 3 or 4 Volts of RF applied to it, as opposed to 60 or 70 Volts of DC polarisation.

I have enjoyed experimenting on the true hobby 'Do It Yourself' tradition, and have discovered - as I feel sure many others have - that you don't need to spend a lot of money to create a very reasonable quality LDC microphone?

Perhaps more folk should trust in their own abilities, and buy a selection of cheap capsules rather than spend significant money on some 'boutique' capsule or kit that may well be simply be based on the 'selection' of  cheap Chinese parts by someone who claims to be an 'expert'?
Cheaper - and more fun? - to simply 'dive in' with some cheap parts, and trust your own ears!
You'll quickly discover that not all the claims of excellence in hobby mic kits are necessarily true! :)
Dynamic Processors / Re: Wilcox M57D1 tube limiter restoration
« Last post by Heikki on Today at 05:46:26 AM »
From RDH3:

The 6SA7 is somewhat similar in construction to the 6L7-G but No. 3 grid has a super control characteristic whereas in the 6L7-G the first grid has a super control characteristic.

Hey all, first time posting here after delving into a 9k5 build after a handful of guitar pedal builds! everything's going well so far but I seem to have not bought any LEDs, after following the BOM on Gustav's PCBGrinder site. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but what sort of LEDs should I be buying off Mouser for the LED meter?! They don't look much like the one's I have batches of for guitar pedals.
Microphones / Re: Dachman Audio Capsules?
« Last post by gyraf on Today at 05:05:27 AM »
Completely agree that QC is extremely valuable, and the component that makes this work in the first place!

But QC is simply not the value they claim to add - the operation is entirely about smokescreening this fact :-)
Preamplifiers / Re: EQ 573
« Last post by hansen on Today at 04:57:53 AM »
I think I solved this. The hissing only appears whenever sound are linked from the audio interface out, through the EQ 573 and back to the interface. Mics directly in the EQ don't have the hissing.
Here it seems audio goes to remote-cutoff grid and control voltage to sharp-cutoff grid.
I believe it's the opposite. According to datasheet, pin 5 is the remote cut-off grid and pin 8 the sharp cut-off. Which makes sense. Anyway, the paucity of information regarding the construction of 6SA7 makes it subject to conjecture...
Make sure to recap the tantalum caps, too. They degrade with age and turn into a resistor.

Yes thanks, just been reading about this and whether to replace with new tantalums but I think I will replace with Panasonic or Nichicon electrolytics
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