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Black Market / Re: FS: EU: 2X Haufe RK173 = 60 € + ship
« Last post by musikorta on Today at 10:57:07 AM »
Have you four pieces for me? How much would the shipment cost to Spain (C.P. 48289)?
Brewery / Re: Words
« Last post by JohnRoberts on Today at 10:42:05 AM »
Sadly the public respects the opinion of actors and athletes more than it should...   Maher is providing entertainment not wisdom.

I am not religious, and there are a long list of bad things done in the name of religion, but in my judgement most modern religions are a positive organizing force in the lives of the masses. Sadly religion is under attack by some progressives.

I am not comfortable debating individual's personal religious beliefs. For years I had a sweet old neighbor (now RIP) who was constantly proselytizing me to go to church with him. I graciously but firmly declined. I am glad he was able to die peacefully with his belief system intact. 

Years ago I wrote a letter to the editor in my local newspaper defending teaching evolution in the schools. After my letter was published some lost soul called my home phone number asking me to explain why his minister was telling him a different story. I told him to ignore me and listen to his minister, otherwise I would never be free of him. That is exactly the kind of person who needs religion to guide his personal life. I don't want to take that away from them, or replace religion with some alternate government dogma.


PS: I read the Oreilly/Dugard book "killing Jesus" and it was an interesting read.
Drawing Board / Re: Transformerless Vari-Mu Compressor
« Last post by Script on Today at 10:36:19 AM »
More to study for me : )

Another idea, similar to above, but op amp land: We have differential amps to reject common mode in the output and in the sidechain. How about a summing amp (THAT e.g.) to isolate 'undesired' differential mode signals for injection in antiphase into sidechain CV ? Could that work to further reduce 'over-compression' ?
Looking for a single piece of aluminum U-channel for 8 3/4" high modules.   It's for the back of an 1883 module, so it should have 2x cutouts for 15-pin connectors.  Connectors or other hardware not needed but i'll take them if the price is right!

Located in Canada.

The Lab / Re: Neumann PsvB schematic/infos request
« Last post by thekid777 on Today at 10:24:04 AM »
For the purpose of..?

use them..!
Well I'm building a marshall jtm 45 which I will mod to plexi 68.
I will measure the E lams just to be sure as they might be bigger than EI75.
At a glance they are about 75mm long.

The 3H chokes that I've seen for marshall plexi are 250ma at 112ohm Dcr.
Hammond do a version I think it's a 194G.
The Lab / Re: Neumann PsvB schematic/infos request
« Last post by Khron on Today at 10:16:22 AM »
For the purpose of..?
The Chamber / Re: Polycarbonate Film Caps
« Last post by abbey road d enfer on Today at 10:15:32 AM »
Parasitic inductance of the interconnect / wires / leads at high frequencies.
Actually, for some applications (RF decoupling), multiple caps are preferred to a single (larger) cap, for this very reason. It must be evaluated case by case.
Filters/Equalizers / Re: Studer 169 EQ in API 500 format
« Last post by Blondino on Today at 10:10:09 AM »
Hi everyone, I tried to look into the 26 pages here but I can't find what I'm looking for. Anyway if somebody can help would be appreciate it!
I started putting together my first Eq, with the Neutrik transformers, and I'm looking at the schematics plus at the pictures with the layout values. There are something that confused me :-[...
For example:
- on the schematics R22/R23 are 10ohm on the layout 1K6.
- on the schematics C1-C2-C8-C10-C14 are 47 pF on the layout C1 is not even marked.
- on the schematics R1 is 20K on the layout is not even marked
- on the schematics R24/R25 have not value on the layout one is 15K the other a wire jump.

Well you get the point. I don't know if there are any other cases but which one should I follow? there are any update maybe that I missed out?

Thanks folks
Hi All,

Wanted to wind my own inductor to try out different values for a 50 watt valve amp.
I have quite a few left over lams which I think are EI- 75s, I have some bobbins but could make a few more if needed.
Just needed to know wire gauge and winds for getting a 3H @ 250ma at about 112ohms dcr.
If anyone could help please?
A choke is submitted to significant DC current. It must be gapped. The minimum gap is butt-stacked, but it's not enough, so it is necessary to add cauls. The thickness of the cauls modify significant the Al coefficient. There are probably tables that give the Al as a function of the core size and gap thickness.
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