MIDI DIY - Gear Lust
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Sweet jesus.....
to be quite honest I am quite interested in the material he used...
i quote..
"the price of the whole thing is about 850 Euro, but that´s mostly caused by the motorfaders (20 Euros/pP) and the displays (4x 40 Euro). The buttons i made of plexiglas, the panel is made of a plastic material similar to ABS which is very easy to work with. I drilled and cutted the holes with a technique described by Dan in another thread. The result is not as "real" as a metal or aluminum panel, but with a good frame for stability it´s a good compromise "
the actual material is this German craft shop stuff

(other smaller projects here - http://www.ucapps.de/)


MIDI DIY - Gear Lust
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Yup. Axel killed it with that one :grin:

orson whitfield

MIDI DIY - Gear Lust
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W O W  :shock:


MIDI DIY - Gear Lust
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Man, that's really nice!  I will admit I seem to be out of the loop though.  Where can I find details about this project?  Are there schems and layouts, etc...?

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MIDI DIY - Gear Lust
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Yup. Axel killed it with that one

your box are nice too!!!!!

But making a only 8 faders box with a lot of switch is not so expensive! I try to build mine for 1 year now, and I try to do something like the digidesign ProControl (to use with ardour). it cost me less than 300euros.... (and maybe less than 150 if you don't care about spare parts)


MIDI DIY - Gear Lust
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^ s'all there :thumb:

Pilo - Cheers! When we gettin pics of yours tho eh!  :grin:


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