HiString's Poll: Separate forums?
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Isn't that why we got Metas? :razz:


HiString's Poll: Separate forums?
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hey, the poll are sort of moving.....well....slightly.......

The forum can definitely use sub categories in order to be more focused and productive in DIY, since there are many forum members coming from various stages of electronic learning it would be good to have a forum covering the basics; so newbies like myself can get a chance revise on what I've learnt at college and apply it in the practical ways of the real world.

Essential skills such as biasing a transistor/FET, calculating voltage gain, input and output resistance. Calculating DC voltage and current of collector, base, emitter and various feedback methods to change the input and output resistance, VoNoLoad , VoLoad etc...... Not to mention the various configuration in uses of transistors, tubes and IC op amps......their advantages and disadvantages...etc......

I think it would be very useful to have a forum dedicated to amps and power supply for any DIY enthusiast, so the forum can accumulate feedback/discussion not only on theory but also practical real world result and values.
It would be interesting if we can start a collective study in disecting the BA283 amp card for example, looking at how many stages it has/required to derive the overall gain and measure its pract bias value and apply that to a different transistors to see it there is any audible differences with identical biasing condition eg DC collector current, Beta etc.........

As a newbie amature DIY enthusiast and a full time student, I find it absolutely essential to know/learn how to bias an active device in order to build a working amp or even to read the schematic in order to trouble shoot and estimate if the values are within the correct ballpark.

It requires the application of mathmatical formuleas, and it takes a lot of practice and experience in order to understand the math description of the hardware concept to be able to apply them correctly or vice versa........I guess my point is, practice makes "perfect" and learn from your mistakes. However, we can use this place to discuss our mistakes so we can learn from each others mistakes without making them and collectively working towards a solution for our DIY! :thumb:

Still into audio gears!


HiString's Poll: Separate forums?
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The meta threads do the job great...can we please make them sticky?

What happined to the meta-meta idea?

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