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This is an overview of the "Meta's", that tries to thematically organize the information that is collected here. If you find information that you think belongs to a particular meta, simply leave a post in that meta thread. The "keeper" will then - in time - add this info to the meta...

Newcomer? Before You Begin Your DIY Journey...:


META - Tech Library (Recommended Books) - By Mark Burnley

META - Electronics 101 - By CJ

META - Meta-Electronics 101-Part 2: A C Theory - By CJ

META - Useful Information for Newbie DIYers (and others!) - by Mark Burnley

META Suggestion - Everyday Questions and Formulae

META - Useful Software for DIY - by AnalogPackrat

META - Schematic collection links - by Kubi

META - About knobs, meters, lights, boxes and all such - by JayDee

META - Tools of the Trade - by PatinaCreme

META: - Troubleshooting Tutorials - by Svart

META - DIY Gallery - Threads about finished projects - by DrPat


META - : Front Panels - by ruffrecords

META - Power Supplies - by Flatpicker

META - Microphone Preamplifiers - by Samuel Groner

META - Mixers - by Flatpicker

META - Headphone amplification - by EZ81

META - Vari-ยต compressors - by Michael Krusch

META - Passive equalizers (Pultec, NYD-EQ & more!) - by Viitalahde

META - EQ (general and everything non passive) - by NHaudio


New Microphone Meta - coming together thanks to SeaVote

META - Discrete Opamps - by Samuel Groner

META - Transformers - By cjenrick

META - Passive Components - By Samuel Groner

Project specific:

META - META - 500 and 51X Series - by bruce0

META - SSL Clone posts - by Gyraf

META - The 1176 project - by Gyraf

META - The G7 microphone - by Gyraf

META - G9 Tube Micpre - by Gyraf

META - SSL 9K Preamp - by Sammas

META - API312 - by Bauman

META - Forssell Opto Comp/Limiter help - by ChuckD

META - Everything Neve! - by Ian MacGregor

Meta - Calrec eq - By gang of elk

Meta - The G-Pultec - By Gyraf

Meta - Green Pre - by MattA

Meta - Sontec - by TheDug

Meta - La2A - by sonicwarrior

All things LA2a related - by Scenaria
Meta - Fetboy / Hamptone JFP

Mod-related information:

3630 mod meta - by Buttachunk

META - Yamaha PM1000 - Links & Info

PCB Supply for some of the mentioned projects:

Gustav - G7 - G9 - G1176 - GSSL - G-Pultec - CalrEQ - SSL9KPre

Mnats - Alternative 1176 pcb:

GiantBenny - SSL, G9, G1176 Ship to Australia, Asia, New Zealand:

About searching:
As you have probably already found, the integrated forum search-engine can be a pain to use when searching for information in some of the long-long threads. Mike (user insideout) has come up with an elegant solution to this - involving the browser "Firefox" and a plugin called "ScrapBook". This really enhances searches over many-many pages, like the giant error-fixing threads.

Mike has put together an easy-to-follow howto, found at:


ATTENTION: - We have outphased the Groupdiy Gmail account due to problems with unknown users deleting material. Now we have our local "Technical Documents" section ...

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Files that are too large to post in the tech docs can be emailed to Ethan, he will then attach them.

We need to stop using the gmail account, Google has been restructuring it and it's not a stable platform... We MAY look into a google site, they've got a template laid out for document sharing and such. Google docs is a great service as well, easy to share your own files from your own documents and have everything spread out across the forum's users. That way, no one person can delete or modify things.
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