Do caps play in?
« on: July 06, 2006, 08:17:58 AM »
There is a lot of discussion with the hifi people about wether or not caps play in over a period of time and sound better in the end...
I dont trust that sources so much... But i myself have experianced that the same device fresh out of the box sounds more sterile than the same peace of gear that has well been used for some time..

This of cause can have many other reasons like little changes in the circuit or just tolerances...

What made me currious is an interesting phenomen i came along with stom boxes for guitars... when they are new and you drum a bit on the housing with your finger tip...hitting on the side and on the top.. it all sounds bab bab bab...pretty dead...
After a few years the same little stompbox starts to become a little percussion instruments with destinctiv pitches.. than you can play little melodies by tapping on the housing..bip bip... bap bap... bop bop....
This of cause could be explained that the painting went thinner over time alowing the metall of the housing to resonate more...

however... I just wanted to ask if there are any experiance within the pro audio people that give the probably rather stupid play in /resonating theories some food.

For me its just about the question what philosophie to follow...
recaping in advance...or only repairing / having precaution on parts related to the power supplys... while leaving the stuff in the audio path alone when there is no problems with the freq response...

when there are some points for the playing in theorie its probably better to dont eliminate old caps where you find them.


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