Proto panel and board project
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I've been wanting to do this for years (since my synth DIY days in the 90s) and finally got motivated, partially by several folks here who have done similar things.  It gets to be a real pain to try out different options on the typical DIY project.  Rather than making a big mess of spaghetti on my bench every time, now I can more easily debug a circuit, work out how I want controls to behave, etc.

Front panel view

Top view

I scavenged the ABS plastic for the panel from the scrap bin at TAP Plastics (Silicon Valley place) for $2.  Actually, I only used half of it.  It's about 3mm thick and has a nice matte texture on the front.  It's easy to drill, but pretty rigid.  I tried to make generic layout that I could use for a bunch of things including some synth stuff.  There's room on the right side for a few more holes.  The left side is drilled for M and F XLRs.

Board is about 15x15"--scrap cutoff from some closet shelving I recently made (DIY synergy!).  I plan to mount a smaller chunk of plastic on the back right corner with a switched and fused IEC socket.  I'll then put in a few terminal strips to provide AC connection points.  I'll probably also add a set of banana jacks and another terminal strip for easy connection to my bench supply.  Will post more photos when I get that done.

The first project I'll be working on using this jig is a pair of Fabio 1272s.  I want to experiment with having a separate gain control for the last stage.  Anyway, thought I'd share the ideas and hopefully inspire some of you to build something similar.

If it is to be, it is up to me.


Proto panel and board project
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That's really cool. NYDave also posted pics of his. I have a case that I put a  G10 board in with 2 octal sockets and two 9 pin and some sensibly placed turrets.  I can build most any tube pre on it.



Proto panel and board project
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Yeah, I forgot to mention...I'm going to hit a local metal scrap place next month and try to find some Al angle and/or channel for tube projects.  I could easily make a removable fixture much like NYDave's that I could stick behind my panel for p-p type things.  I'd steal his idea  :wink: and mount a few sockets on some angle, put a turret board or some tag strips behind it, etc.  The only difference is that my front panel is separate.  

Anyway, its a fun and simple project and will come in handy.  Oh, it also allows me to move a project that is a work-in-progress off the bench without completely dismantling it.

If it is to be, it is up to me.


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