JLM Baby Animal
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I want to make a preamp. My first plan is Neve 1073. Then I found JLM is selling Micro kits that make it easy & save much time... After that i found Baby Animal is more cheaper for the people with tight budget like me.Because I do renovation for my studio to become a proper build project studio.and also some equipment upgrade...

I would like to know how does baby animal sounds? Is the baby animal's circuit is based on Neve or API or what ever preamp?



JLM Baby Animal
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In the main Baby Animal thread - http://www.groupdiy.com/index.php?topic=15245 - a number of people have posted their observations on this project.

Generally speaking, most people have said that the Baby Animal does like, well, a Baby Animal.  And there are many flavours, all of which are gooood.  A couple of people have compared them to various units, so I don't think you can do better than to have a read through that thread and get what you can from it.



JLM Baby Animal
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Quote from: "Kev"
remember that these are all DOA in the 312 style of things and in that sense the may all have the same feel
variantions in I/O trafos and DOA aside

they are not Neve1272 or 1290 ... or ALL tubed
and not like an ALL opamp
get my drift ?

However, there are SOOOOOO many options with transformers and opamps, that to just put it ONLY in the API style category doesn't really do it justice IMO.

FWIW, I made one in the API vein, with cinemags and fabios 2520 DOA, and used it on snare in the last drum session I did.
With that, and a couple of dual 99v pre's on overheads, I nearly shat myself when I heard how good the recorded sound was. :shock:  :green:


JLM Baby Animal
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I'm reading that thread...

Thanks guys...


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