most millenia like d.i.y. preamp circuit ?
« on: December 18, 2006, 05:14:13 PM »
most millenia like d.i.y. preamp circuit ?

started searching the meta and it would seem to be the double balanced or super green , but i'm not sure [  for someone like me
who can put things together but not design ]

anyone had good luck building circuits to be like the millenia ?

tia regards Greg [/u]
GKB Audio / Greg Boboski


most millenia like d.i.y. preamp circuit ?
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well, it's not totally DIY
but the only project I know of that claims to be millenia like is this one:


(it's a kit.)


most millenia like d.i.y. preamp circuit ?
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As someone who owned 9 channels of Millennia pre for 3 years and used them in every possible conceivable recording situation I'd have to ask what particular quality the Millennia has that you are looking for.  I eventually grew really tired of what they do, have you used them?  If you have and love em please ignore me.

Enough of the grumpy stuff.  The Millennia is an optimised version of the double balanced microphone amplifier design presnted by Graeme John Cohen in AES preprint 2106 (available on the AES website for 20 bucks).  Lots of pres are based on a similar topology the green, some Ameks, the Millennia, Seventh Circle C84 etc.  Fred Forssell has a schemo on his site for a version, though he noted in one of the boards that the design didn't meet his sonic standards.

I haven't looked closely at the Seventh Circle version but it seems well like and is cheap and proven.  Probably worth a go,



most millenia like d.i.y. preamp circuit ?
« Reply #3 on: December 18, 2006, 10:34:18 PM »
No problem about the grumpy guy thing , i know it comes with these
type of questions .

Basically and i know these words get used allot , but curious to see just
how true , clean and [ neutral / natural ] i could get something .

I've used the millenia for mostly classical recording but noted that on a
mixed pop thing even a sm 58 sounded better than usual .

I have 4 channels of Great River MP-2 pre and am quite happy with them
[ my expereince being , if you don't like the sound  , it ain't the preamp ]
compared to them the millenia seemed [ small difference ] a tad more
airy but maybe a bit thinner  .

So especially for live stuff , i could use a few more channels and Dan is no longer offering his pcbs , hence i am looking around .

thanks for the replies , regards Greg
GKB Audio / Greg Boboski


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