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Trimax A30 Type tube limiter
« on: January 31, 2007, 08:48:38 PM »
Hiya im thinking of maybe making a limiter based on the Trimax A30 limiter

Heres The Schematic and great info 1.4 Meg

Heres link to earlyer discusion

Im not really trying to design anything new im not that clever but am wondering if this is workable

Its for vocals by the way.... I have a few home built pres and compressors to use, was goin to use a pre like say Pultec MB1 or V72 as the input ...V1 stage of A30 feed into the T3 time delay inductor lattace {if I can make one that is ...dont no if its do able......any thoughts ????

was going to make the limiting part of trimax A30 the V2 6SN7 feed that section into my RCA BA6A push pull amp section....not using the BA6A s side chain at all.......could that work ok ??????

Also build the Trimax A30 side chain parts,  V6 phase splitter, V7 push pull cathode follower and 6X5 rectifier, connect as the A30 but feed from my V72 pre or whatever one I use.

probly use BA6As power supply.

Thing that is a mystery to me is the delay lattice thingy which is also used in a GE BA 5A vari Mu limiter, in that limiter the 2 inducters are 18 millhenries and the 2 caps are .05 can I just buy 2 inducters off the shelf and wire them to the caps and expect a delay...if so how much it audable...must be just a fraction of a second.

Heres a link to previous discussion with GE BA 5A Schematic & some useful info from New York Dave about the reactor time delay thing ..... but sadly too techy for me & too much maths....maybe some 1 can give me a shove in the right direction....gently tho

Thanks for reading look fwd to any thoughts on this....Gary O.

gary o

Trimax A30 Type tube limiter
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2007, 12:01:49 PM »
Oops I forgot to put the link in......just edited it.

Thanks ....................Gary O.


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