5840 Tubes. What kind?
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Im about to make my royer mod and i was searching for tubes on the evil bay. I found a person in germany who has lots of them and sells relatively cheap.

That person has unbranded 5840's sold in packs of 10, and also has sylvania 5840W sold on packs of 6.

The question is: What does that W on the end of the sylvania tubes designation mean? I'm affraid those wont fit in the mod as i dont have a clue of what that means. I tried to find a datasheet for those but i only found the data for the sylvania that dont exibit any W on the designation.

And wich are the best tubes. I know its difficult to know the quality of an unbranded tube but are the sylvania known for being good? Are the sylvania the best there is?


5840 Tubes. What kind?
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The W simply means it's a ruggedized version of the 5840.  It will work just fine.  
As far as manufacturers: I can't address this very well, but I can tell you that the 5840 I got from Royer was a Raytheon, & I also used an RCA 5840W in one that worked out fine as well.  That's all I know.



5840 Tubes. What kind?
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Thanks Hodad.
Ill go for the sylvania then. A tube is never too rugged to put in a mic.


5840 Tubes. What kind?
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I have done a couple of royer mods. I honestly couldn't tell you which tubes are in them. I found a greater improvement when I used a peluso capsule. For my money, the capsule is where to begin.

When you consider the cost of a cheap mic + a better capsule + royer tube mod with transformer, you may want to compare that against the price of a better made tube mic.

If you are looking to gain some knowledge and experience from this project, then by all means go for it. I've got 2 mics which I love and use all the time with the royer mod.

You have many options for capsules, peluso being the least expensive of the 'high' quality ones. Some people aren't found of some of the peluso's, I think the 32mm types particularly. I like them. I'm also using UTC 0-8's for my transformers, so that may be a determining factor as well.

The point is that the tube, in my opinion, has less to do with the colour of the sound than the capsule and transformer.

good luck,



5840 Tubes. What kind?
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I agree.
But this was just a matter of having to chose between two who had the same price (little difference)....and so i whanted to chose the best even than just a little better. In this case after knowing one was more rugged than the other my choice was made.

Sorry for my bad english .

About the capsule:

I will try the mod the 2001 as it is.....and maybe in the future ill make a g7 or so with a good capsule. First i will need to do a good pre.

Do you know any capsules being made in europe? that one can buy separetely like the peluso ones?


5840 Tubes. What kind?
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cool. When I built mine I remember switching the 2 capsules (original and peluso) between the 2 modded mics. I don't recall hearing much difference between the tube circuits than I did with the capsules. It was admittedly subjective and I'd have to pull them apart to see what tubes I actually have in there. If I get a chance I'll try and take a peak. And of course YMMV.......

check peluso's website for dealers

I'd think shipping a capsule shouldn't be too expensive. So you should be able to get whatever you need.

your English is fine! It's all about communication. Hey, I'm a Canadian, taught a second language for 14 years in school, and I could not string a sentence together in French to save my life.

check you PM's.



5840 Tubes. What kind?
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Well....i´ve studied french for a couple of years and i couldn´t same my own life too. :oops:

Well... i searched the distributors and i found one in germany......i dont understand a word in german so it was a bit difficult to navigate thru theyr site but i ended up finding they actually sell all the peluso capsules and for a reasonable price.

Im just curious......what peluso capsules fit the royer circuitry?

Michael Krusch

5840 Tubes. What kind?
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What's the name of this german distibutor who sells peluso capsules?


5840 Tubes. What kind?
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the CEK-89 single sided will work. Hey, his prices have gone up!

My 5840's are a Marconi and a Tung-Sol in my royer mod mics.

I've sent you a private message....



5840 Tubes. What kind?
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Michael Krusch:

The german dealer is this:


I havent received any message from you. Please resend it.

The 89 ones you say? Great....they are the cheapest ones.....120 euros i think.....not bad......if you are saying they improved the mics...... i think i might give it a try some day (after i make a decent pre).


5840 Tubes. What kind?
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I have a silly question.

These tubes come with bare wire connections, dont they.
So its a good practice to use spagueti wire to isolate them, right?

I grasp the concept of spaguetti wire but where the hell can i find something like that? I dont know but when i put spagueti wire on farnell that is the store im using.....i dont get any results. I've been looking for insulation material on theyr database but i dont find nothing either.
And here i am.....leading the race to The Most Stupid Question Ever Posted award 2007!!! :oops:

Isnt there any a bit more technical name for that material? or any place where i can buy it?


5840 Tubes. What kind?
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Just take some # 16, #18, #20, #22 or #24 PVC wire and strip off as much pasta as u need.
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5840 Tubes. What kind?
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Here is the email of a person that sell tubes in germany.


I bought my 5840 tubes there.

Theres a lot of other tubes so just ask.