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follow link to Microphone University
Glossary of basic Microphone Terms
Sound Test Site that allows you to a,b many different Mics
Photos,info and sound samples of classic Mics
Klaus Heynes Mic Lab   Link to a Great Mic Forum
MIX Magazines Microphone resources
Site w/large amount of mic data and schematics
How its Made TV Show at the Nuemann Factory


Ultimate Microphone Data Base
Great Site Tons of Mic Photos And Info

Database of Microphone mods

Database of DIY Mics

D.I.Y.,Mods and Discussion

Good thread,discusses some methods and material sources

Capsules For DIY
[Large  Diaphragm Condenser
Dont Believe the Thread Title. Good Discussion and Gus's tips for mounting a capsule.
Blue Capsules
Red Lollipop Capsule
Center Terminated or Edge Terminated??
Sources for Capsules
Discussion on Chinese capsules
Lists Mics with 797 capsules
Discussion on peluso and other capsules
G7 and Peluso capsules
Mounting a Peluso CEK12  scroll down to answer from Peluso mics

Great discussion, good place to start
DIY Capsule Compilation (a must read!)
Dale106dot2s' web site great info photos
Some discussion of capsule design, holes in backplates, air gaps and more. (some bad links but filled with info)
DIY mic capsule drawing(some bad links but filled with info)
Getting gold onto Diaphragm
Capsule Rebuild Thread (plenty of useful info)
Capsule Building Materials Discussion
Tim Cambells photos, diaphragm tensioning jig,drilling capsules etc.
Budigs DIY Mic Capsules(good discussion follows)
Auto Tuning Condenser Mic Membranes
Capsule Polarization
R Wiliamson Capsule Thread and Original Article
U87 Capsule Measurements

measurement mics discussion, "recording with" and phase effects

Capsule cleaning tips
Trouble shooting an AKG C 414eb. lots of good ideas,discussion
Possible places for refubishment of Neumann capsules
mic body maintenance
Ribbon Mic Transformer problems and discussion
RF Interference
Find Cables For Vintage Mics (thanks to Ferqband)
Dynamic Capsule Repair,How to strip laqer off small gauge wire
Wire type for Condensor Mic Capsule Repair
Noise from Omni and Figure8, Cardoid is fine

Mini tube discussion plus discusion and links about ef14,uf14 swap for Neumann mics
Condensor capsule tension.frequency measurements jig
sources of noise in condensor mics
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New Microphone Meta
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Condenser Microphone Capsule Measurement

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New Microphone Meta
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New Microphone Meta
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Some interesting Technical papers from Neumann, many in English:

Jakob E.
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New Microphone Meta
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As spotted by Jim / ZAPNSPARK @ the Micbuilders-list:

There is a very good article by Michael Joly on Chinese ribbon
microphone types over at




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« Reply #5 on: January 10, 2009, 08:27:08 AM » - many mic schematics and manuals
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As spotted by Jim / ZAPNSPARK @ the Micbuilders-list:

There is a very good article by Michael Joly on Chinese ribbon
microphone types over at

Please note, this article has technical mistakes and wrong information. Some of it I have addressed many times on different forums, but for some unexplainable reason M. Joly completely ignores it, with no explanation. So here it goes:

1) Re: "Short ribbon/long path". Historically, the short ribbons are those of about 1" long. In this group we could put Beyer 130, 160, Shure 330, Coles 4038, among others. It seems technically incorrect to put into the same group ribbons, which are as much as 45mm (!!) long. This gives a wrong message to readers, who will obviously think that 45mm ribbons are “short" ones, which they are absolutely not!

I have no idea why M. Joly keeps refering to them as "short". If anything, they should be called “medium ribbons”, instead, which is appropriate technically, while still clearly distinguishing those two Chinese types.

2) Joly completely ignores the fact that the front-to-back acoustic path in what he calls “long ribbons/short path in fact, is variable along almost the entire length of the ribbon. When it is added up in fact, the path is not as short as shown, and creates a complex acoustical behavior.

3) All the passages about the frequency response, "shelves and peaks", etc. are based on wrong graphs and as such have very little value. In fact, the graphs published do not look like those of ribbon mics, at all. For example, look at the "real" ones:


(Yes, this is AEAR84, on which according to M. Joly, the Apex205 and alike are based, so just compare the graphs)

4) The passage: “The thicker magnets allow greater magnetic force to be concentrated on the ribbon, and thus make up for some sensitivity loss due to the shorter length of ribbon exposed to the magnet flux”

is only half-true. The ribbon structure in question is a completely different design. The thicker magnets indeed allow greater magnetic force, however, unlike M. Joly tries to present it, this is only a part of sensitivity equation. It is as important to point out that the sensitivity in this case is also an acoustical function of the increased size of the magnets.
As a side note, in an optimal ribbon design the some sensitivity loss could be easily compensated by the transformer design.

5) The passage: “When ribbon signals are summed together electrically this produces a complex sum & difference signal that lends these mics a “thicker” but somewhat less true-to-life sound.”

is again only half-true. The “thicker” sound of the dual ribbons is not because of their sum and difference, but because of the much longer and complex aforementioned acoustical front-to-back path.

Hopefully, it helps.

Best, M
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Samar Audio & Microphone Design

The Art of Ribbon Microphones


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Why is this tube different from all other tubes? - on Myths and facts about the VF14
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Czech microphone data page with schematics, and home-made ribbon mic. This guy is a bit of a bad-ass:
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One of the threads on capsule design and construction had a few key dead links and after some hunting I found these two papers by Guy Torio on single and dual diaphragm capsule designs. As well as a few patents.

I'll host all of these files for as long as i can as well as send them to the group email
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Debenham Capsule Questions

On how to read the Debenham Capsule drawings - link to aluminized mylar source
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mechanical improvement of microphones
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