JRC074D VS TL074 - differences?
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I can't find a datasheet for JRC074D - does it have the same schematic diagram like TL074, or is different internally?


JRC074D VS TL074 - differences?
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It has been a few years since we last checked the NJM072, but they were CRAP compared to a TI TL072.  We had some in the frontend of prototype that had higher THD than normal.  We swapped the OAs for TI and the THD came right down where we expected.

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JRC074D VS TL074 - differences?
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I seem to recall them wanting to get approved as a second source on the TI part but wouldn't match the TI noise spec. This was years ago, so things may be different today but check the specs and verify.

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JRC074D VS TL074 - differences?
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Thanks a lot for the input!  :thumb:

I have some original TL072 to replace them. Also, since I have a schematics for TL072 I'm sure I can pull'em into SE A class output. If they consume up to 2 mA per amp when idle 2 mA of additional bias is what the doctor prescribed.


JRC074D VS TL074 - differences?
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> I can't direct link to it

Try drilling into SiteMap.


Keep your eyes open. Right-click everything.

Their webserver is sending strange headers; many files are flagged to Download instead of open in browser. (And their server is really slow.)

JRC074 and NJM074 are surely the same part. Maybe they know their name in Japanese but they seem to have several names in english, including both NJM and JRC.

The "D" on the end just means DIP. You can get smaller M and V packages.

General info page of the '074:

Datasheet PDF http://semicon.njr.co.jp/njr/hp/fileDownloadMedia.do?_mediaId=106

Equiv Circuit http://semicon.njr.co.jp/njr/hp/fileDownloadMedia.do?_mediaId=2076

Yes, it is drop-in for the TI '074. It is not the same topology. JRC went through a phase of flogging every possible variant of the '741 chip. Their '074 is a 741 with inputs devices wired as JFETs. They simplified, and used newer processes; some of their chips are preferred over "originals". And some aren't. If not "better", maybe cheaper, if you negotiated hard.


JRC074D VS TL074 - differences?
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>>>Yes, it is drop-in for the TI '074.

I don't mean to sound like I am correcting you, Paul.  I would say they are "pinout-compatible" but not a "drop-in".   :thumb:

The difference in topology you explained here makes perfect sense as far as the failure of performance.

IIRC, the company was originally called JRC (Japan Radio Corp.) and I think they sold out/changed names to NJR (New Japanese Radio Corp.) several years back.  So then the part numbers changed from JRCXXXX to NJMXXXX or NJUXXXX, etc.

will get you to their US website...

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JRC074D VS TL074 - differences?
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IIRC, there a 2 versions of the NJM072 at least - one version that is more like the TI part and one that is a (decompensated?) version that is less stable in unity gain buffer configurations and has some ringing problems in certain configurations. A 'B' suffix on the more TI 4 mhz version IIRC, which seemed kinda backwards to my way of thinking.


Do you remember which version you were evaluating and the configuration you were using it in? Was it a NJM072B or the other version?


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