Hi all,

I've got an H3000 on my workbench with no screen action.

There's some power to the board, but while probing around I've found a component that isn't doing what I'd expect.

The component in question is a SR3030 Schottky Rectifier, which is receiving an AC input of 7V to each of the input pins, but only giving an output of 0.5V DC.

I have no schematic so I'm blind-probing, and I've never come across a Schottky before but I have doubts that we have need for a 0.5V rail inside this thing, which makes me think that this component (or the transformer that's feeding it) is at fault.

Does anyone have any ideas, any info of what a schottky actually does, or a schematic of an H3000 that they wouldn't mind sending me a copy of?

Thanks in advance,

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Eventide H3000 Harmonizer is a bit ill... Schottky Rectifier
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All I can offer is a little bit of info on Schottkys.  Their primary characteristic is a low forward voltage drop.  Is the device you have a SR3030A or C?  The A version is common anode, the C version is common cathode.  I'm going to guess that you have an A version that is being used as a two diode full wave rectifier and you are seeing 7Vac on pins 1 and 3 to gnd?  And the 0.5Vdc voltage on pin 2 to gnd?  Yes?  Not what i would expect either.

Maybe lift pin 2 and see what you get.

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