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So here she is...

Like when you see those pics of a newly born prune baby...

Only a mother could love... And just like any beautiful woman... a little messy on the inside...



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MILA porn...
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Cool idea on the case!!
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MILA porn...
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woaaa I have a scope like that but mine don`t sound like yours haha :grin:
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Yeah, cool that the scope screen is now a window.  :thumb:

One question, looks like two input transformers per channel. Options or something else?
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The input switch is 5 ways:

Cinemag CM-2490
37.5 ct
150 -20 db

Jensen JE-11p-5


I am going to do some tweaks once the faceplate becomes a reality. As of now, the di jack is grounded to chassis, so I am going to open up the hole and mount it on the non conductive faceplate and then ground it to B- cuz now there is a ground loop through the instrument...

So yes... options.


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Neat idea.  I like it.  On the DI jack--get one of those Neutrik 1/4" jacks with the insulating shoulder washer and metal ferrule for the sleeve connection.  Try searching for part # NMJ6HCS at Mouser.  They make them for PCB mount or with solder lugs--not sure which one that part number is.

If it is to be, it is up to me.


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Thanks for the DI tip. I will have to file that one away for when I use a more conventional case. I just got the piece of tortoise shell pick guard that I am going to have professionally engraved. Why mess it up at this point?

The scope wasn't working so I decided needed a complete overhaul. If I had to do it again, I would have just put one channel in there, just for the sake of real estate, but I have to say I am happy!



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Or use the Neutrik dual FXLR-TRS in the existing FXLR holes.
Cool build!


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I am now thinking using about the combo XLR/TRS jacks. One of the problems with the case is that there is no real structural support where the input XLR's are now without the scope screen... So moving the whole input section to where the DI jack is a very good solution. I could  set it up with tip going to ground without the cable plugged in which I think is the proper way to do it.

Thanks guys...