Guitar pickup winding?
« on: August 28, 2007, 06:52:17 AM »

I would like to begin some experimentation in guitar pickup winding, as I owned an old electric guitar with broken microphones...

Does anybody here have experience with this? Any tips are more than welcome.

If anybody have a step by step procedure, web link, or whatever..

I was also wondering where to find a machine to do this properly? It seems to be a bit expensive just for 2 or 3 pickup winding.

Thanks a lot



Guitar pickup winding?
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You can get many questions answered here:
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Guitar pickup winding?
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Stew-Mac sells a winder. I'm not suggesting you buy one, just take a look at it to see what makes it tick. Then, build or modify one. I've seen some that were simply a plywood disk attached to a drill. That might be all you need for 2 or 3 bobbins. Jason Lollar did an excellent book on the subject. Unfortunately, it's out of print and rather coveted.


Guitar pickup winding?
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I've seen people make pickups on a regular vinylplayer. It doesn't rotate too fast and it's easy to setup. 4500 turns takes 1h 40min with 45t/min. Try it! :grin:


Guitar pickup winding?
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Here's the best resource I've found on the net:

I've been winding pickups for a while now and I use an Adams-Maxwell industrial bobbin winder, but I wound many pickups by hand (OK, just a few with hand cranking) and using a cordless drill.  Even though the AM machine makes winding a breeze and it's much faster, you can get great results with many other cheaper methods.



Guitar pickup winding?
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