Allen and Heath GL2200 fader problems
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I have an Allen and Heath GL2200 that has been trouble since day one.  Sometimes the faders work fine, other times they run at full volume at any position, or are intermittent.  Sliding the fader up and down a lot seems to make it go away temporarily.  I contacted Allen and Heath about it, and they said it was because of poorly soldered connections to the faders.  I spoke with some other folks who have had similar problems, with no solution.  At least three times I took this console apart and reflowed the solder on all the leads on the faders.  Has anyone experienced this problem?  I've been very happy with the sound of this console for the money, and I would hate to have to sell this for "parts" and then buy a new console to replace it.  The faders are 100mm Alps marked 124C.  I only have the problem on the mono channels, not the stereo ones.  I am considering fader replacement on the entire console.  Any help or insight from anyone would be very helpful.


Allen and Heath GL2200 fader problems
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hmmm. have you tried cleaning the faders?
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Allen and Heath GL2200 fader problems
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Are the wires soldered directly to the faders and the circuit board - or - do the wires have crimped boot lace ferrules fitted at each end? (these are then soldered to the fader tags and the PCB).

If you do have these ferrules - cut them off and solder the wires directly.

This was a 'good idea' to speed up factory production, but the crimp connection is spoiled over time by the subsequent soldering operation. It is a very common problem - when I work on a mixer and see these ferrules, I ALWAYS cut them off to preclude future problems.....