eisen diy500 with fabio 2520 and mnats 990 DOAs
« on: December 19, 2007, 10:31:49 AM »
looking for some help on the diy500.  The eisen site doesn't give values for fabios 2520 or the mnats/ptownkid 990s. http://www.eisenaudio.com/diy500/tables/opamps/

I assume i can take the api and JH values but the circuits are probably a bit different?  anyone using these in their diy500's?


looking for these values
J1 C3 (µF) R9 (Ω) R9a (Ω) C4 (pF) R13 (Ω) R12 (Ω) C7 (pF) R14 (Ω) J2
PRR said...
OHM'S LAW. Not as an abstract thing: you should be able to glance at a small circuit and "instantly" know I and V, the way a soccer player glances at the ball and knows the angle and kick


eisen diy500 with fabio 2520 and mnats 990 DOAs
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The Fabio 2520 is a drop in replacement for the original if you build an Eisen  API 512 clone. This I know for sure.

Just email Jens at Eisen audio and he will quickly help you. He has very good service and can offer you specs for any option you choose.

I know for a fact the 990 works also but you may have to change a couple components.
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