Are you satisfied by communications?
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Yesterday I got a strange call from some company conducting some survey.
The man asked me, "Are you satisfied by communications?"
I tried to understand what kind of communications he means, but he was flexible like a snake insisting on answering the question with zero semantics.
Failed to get clarifications I finally ended up saying, "Sorry Sir, I don't want to spend your time for nothing" and hung up.
Now, there is the question: what it was? Who needs such questions and answers? Who pays for such surveys? Why do some companies have money on such stupid work while the economy is in such deep #$%^?


Are you satisfied by communications?
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Generally the questions are scripted, so the caller can't provide any clarification and is probaly instructed not to expand upon questions.

I get a few phone polls, and was so frustrated by the poorly worded questions, that I refused a second call from the same polling firm (they will call you again months later if youn are a willing participant). Poll questions can be crafted to get a desired result that may not represent your broader feelings on a topic. Or as I suspect in my case, were just poorly framed by some incompetent writer.

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Are you satisfied by communications?
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Under my understanding the terms of the US "do not call" law, companies are EXEMPTED from the ban on calling a registered number if (amongst other things):

You have expressed a preference for or interest in their products
They have done business with you in the past
They are conducting a survey
They are charitably-driven

I noticed that since we were listed on the "do not call" list, we receive more "surveys" than before. These surveys are usually eventually commercially-linked, and so I refuse to take part in them. When people want my input or data and I'm not being paid to help them, or I haven't decided FOR MYSELF that I want to help them, I stop the "survey" ("thinly veiled sales-pitch" is more likely) and tell them that I don't want them to call me back again.

Remember also that the 'do not call' list expires and has to be renewed every few (five?) years, and if you let it expire, there's a convenient 31-day 'delay' while you're re-enrolled. (All of this is as a result of lobbying by the tele-sales industry.) -So renew your listing BEFORE it expires. If in doubt, do it now.

[edit] there's apparently been some push-back against the 5-year 'expiry'...

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Are you satisfied by communications?
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New poll question:
what it was?


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Are you satisfied by communications?
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"Hi, this is Amy from the Warranty Department!"

Really, there's only one?

"This is your last chance!"


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Are you satisfied by communications?
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Thats almost as good as

Hi this is Sarah from the financial department. There are no problems with your current credit card account.

So it kind of sounds like it could be a legit call. But then they break into how you can lower your interest rate.

It's gotten to the point that although I am on the do not call me list, I never get the phone anymore. I let my answering machine get it first. Then i can pick up if I need to.
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Are you satisfied by communications?
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Old Piss used to work for Nichols Research (see "The Hole" in the brewery.)

They do not do cold calling anymore.

I got paid 75 bucks from a survey I hustled thru Ol Piss,  listened to 2 hours of FM Radio formatting at the Crown Plaza near SFO , where I interviewed Narma.

On the way out I noticed that the hotel had a bar.
What a novel idea. Why would anybody seperated from their family on a late plane in a strange town on a bidness trip they hate, well, why would they want a drink?
Anyway, long story short, you know what happened to my 75 bucks at those prices.,
Didn't even go home with a hooker, WTF?

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Are you satisfied by communications?
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the most fun I've had in a long time came when I assumed the personality of a quirky agoraphobic heir to a small fortune, with unusual consumption habits--at fictitious grocers. I was on the line with a girl for 30 minutes trying to sway her from the script... she did not seem amused, though also never seemed to doubt my improvisation. My alter-ego received 4 calls in the following month from the same company but could not be found.
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Are you satisfied by communications?
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I met a lady who used to work there... She told that the work was horrible because she had no rights to hang up first, but some "customers" used her as a shrink to complain about problems...  :cool:


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