One of the best tracks ever!
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One of the best tracks ever!
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You know that Mike Banks toured with Bootsy Collins before establishing UR? He ain't no 'knob twiddler' - but we all knew that anyway.

There was a recent thread at another group where UR were mentioned. Get this: No UR on ITunes!! You can't buy integrity... I could go on about how much I respect UR... You know about them refusing to license the Knights of the Jaguar to Sony / BMG, so they made a copy of the track called 'Jaguar E-Type'? UR sued and won - for once, the good guys won.

It should be interesting to see how future UR records sound after the passing of their mastering engineer, Ron Murphy. I must have tens, even approaching hundreds of records cut by Murphy. From the video I saw, he didn't have a 'high-end facility' at all - but he certainly knew how to get a sound that worked for electronic music.

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One of the best tracks ever!
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One of the best tracks ever!
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Thanks..  :sad:
This is about the only UR release from the beginning i don't have and one that i like most!
This is simply beautyful.. simple but so effective  :thumb:
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One of the best tracks ever!
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BTW... for those into old acid, i recently recovered an old mixtape i did somewhere in 1990/1991 with just acid. (where's the regular acid smiley BTW?)
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One of the best tracks ever!
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Thanks for the mix, I'm downloading right now!

EDIT: Nice, but can't be from 90/91. More like '93. There's a track from Analogue's "From Phases" EP, which dates from 1993, and also Random XS's "As It Takes", which is also 93 I believe. Got'em both. :razz:

I love old acid. 86-88 in US were the best, but 90-93 was good in Germany and around.

Here's a couple of mixes (not mine) rescued from old tapes. I've done some EQ & NR. They're not good in technical terms, but the tracks are incredible!  :thumb:
Code: [Select]

Copy & paste. The mixes are called "Wolfram Acid" since the tapes came from a guy called Wolfram.

Damn, I need to buy some more records again. The last time I stocked up on some Farley Jackmaster Funk classics. I think it's time to concentrate on detroit techno more.


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