Wiring up a Cobra
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> that footwell...  -it's so far left ....The battery lives in the back

Which is this, the original or the kit-car? I don't recall where the batt was on a 289, though I would have thought above the passenger's feet. With the FE-427 block and rock-grinder tranny where the BMW/Bristol Six used to be, I'm sure there is no room for silly frills like feet or batteries.

What's this clone? I assume it copies the 427, not the 289: nobody seems to want to spend that kind of bucks for another Sunbeam Tiger, they all want POWER and Fender Bulges.

What engine? The 1960s FE boatanchor (best known as 390 and 427 T-Bird mills) or the 1968-1975 cant-valve big-block (made in 429 and 460 sizes)? The FE is authentic (only if side-oiler), but the cant-valve is a lot more practical, being a hair lighter and being in production more recently (while it was dropped from Burds and Lincolns soon after the gas-crisis of '73, it survived as a tow-truck engine until very recently). And also more ultimate power than any FE except the SOHC (and you think an FE or 460 looks big in there, try the SOHC). Though I doubt the 460 needs more than light massaging to totally over-power that chassis to 120MPH.

> It looks simple. there's no dome light, no door switches, nothing like that to worry about. For the time being no stereo either (though I might provide some pre-wiring to the trunk)

Buy a fusebox with several more circuits than you think you need. No dome-light because no dome, but you might want light in the footwell (or under the hood). Radio, if only for traffic-reports so you don't end up with 500 horsepower doing 2.5MPH around the jack-knifed truck. Run wires for the A/C, both fan and clutch: it may seem silly, but this IS Florida (or he might move to, ugh, Texas). You obviously want a radar detector power tap ("just in case"), maybe GPS too. And there is a nifty gizmo you clip on the visor and it reads all your Gee-forces, power and traction. You may have electric fuel pump, you may someday have fuel injection (Holley has a sweet carb-replacement FI unit almost big enough). So unless this owner is very no-frills and sure to keep the car "forever" (i.e. resale value is a non-issue), run lotsa wires. Difference in price for 12-circuit and 18-circuit is small. Difference if someone taps too much crap on one wire and sets the body on fire is large.


Wiring up a Cobra
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A picture for your delectation...

I'm actually getting the bug for this... I might actually try and build one myself...
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