Re: 70s Soundcraft Series 2 Console
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I was doing some all analog tracking last night using the onboard pres to my Tascam 80-8 reel to reel and I'm finding I had to cut the top end to keep the hiss down... I don't seem to get as much noise when I use my Green Pres in the same set up.

I'm not surprised that you're getting more hiss on a console of that vintage.  I have an 800 series from 1980 and before I had work done to it it was producing a fair amount of hiss.  Typical things like old caps contributing.

Older Soundcrafts seem to be fairly upgrade friendly.  I'd recommend contacting Jim Williams at Audio Upgrades if you really want to go all out.  It improved the noise floor on my console immensely.

Also check the manual for interface levels.  80-8 is a semi-pro output level.  800 series made provisions for changing between interface levels via a strapping resistor.  No idea if Series 2 offers this.  Probably more of an issue on playback than racking.

good luck

Re: 70s Soundcraft Series 2 Console
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I didn't want to start a new topic so hopefully someone can shed some light on an issue I've been dealing with for the last while!

I have unmodified my output channels (recapped - set to stock) and things were good for a bit but i have noticed I seem to have  very distorted ghost note like sound behind notes all the time now.  It is volume dependent - if it is quiet I don't hear it but anything say within -10db and up on the VU I can hear it (most notable with electric guitar).

I have replaced the power supply with a power one linear - with no change.
I have recapped the master channel - with no change
The distortion is present on the bus output , it is present when the signal is sent to remix directly, it is there on the direct out on the channel
I have recapped a channel with no luck (a test before doing them all).
Distortion is present regardless of channel used or bus the sound is routed to (it occurs globally)
Stronger on one side over the other (left I believe - but still present on the right)

I've really run out what the heck has happened and why I have this distortion that ghosts and doubled in the background....

Ideas?  I have been fighting with this for a few months and would really like to get to recording not fiddling!  I'm not sure I'm ready to throw in the towel and cart this beast down to a tech yet either...

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Re: 70s Soundcraft Series 2 Console
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Awesome just saw this thread now! 

I have one of these - I guess it would be a Series Two, as opposed to Series 2 (since that is referring to a different console) - got it free in a dumpster a few years back when we bought our TAC Magnum in New Jersey.  It's in roughish shape, and the PSU is totally screwed and needs rebuilding.  Jensen trafos, meters are a bit screwed and I might be able to repair those.  Some knobs bent (it was literally thrown in the dumpster the day before we arrived argh).  But, it's a project of mine to eventually put this back together as a guitar tracking console, replace the wooden sides with real wood and just generally put it back to stock condition.  If anyone has any parts to sell, or anything at all, that would be amazing. 

I also don't have the manual or schematics - can anyone share?

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Re: 70s Soundcraft Series 2 Console
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Very cool!

Your channels all have the fixed EQs which people say are more desireable as they have no ICs.  I have both sweep and fixed and both sound good to me.

Re: Power supply - I just changed mine ot a PowerOne linear 48v supply and trimmed it down to 40v (I have to build a separate phantom supply though...).

Hopefully you can fix your meters (or find a suitable replacement) as those Sifam R22AFs are pricey!

The manual is still available over at soundcraft - here's a link :  It has the schematics but all of the parts overlays are not in it unfortunately... no biggie unless you are trying to rebuild some really modified parts (like mine had).  I see you're in Ontario (like me) so if you need Patrick over at Tele-tech has a full original copy (not that he's offering it out!).  Likely other techs do as well.

If only I could get rid of the global distortion issue I'm having I'd be a happy guy!!  Good luck with yours... they are not too difficult to work on (until you actually have to remove any PCBs - yours is smaller than mine though so its easy to get on its side and get the back off...)



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Re: 70s Soundcraft Series 2 Console
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Hi, let me join the party.... :)

I have found a Soundcraft Series-Two recently (16-8-2), it has been my favorite FOH desk for many years.
I also own two of the smaller sisters Series-One (1x 16-channel & 1x 12-channel).
The previous owner started restoration, but did not have the time to finish it. Up to the VU-buffer-prints and some P&G fader-knobs, it is complete.
Unless modified, the Series-Two is fitted with Sowter iron, not Jensen.
Best catch is a complete manual including board layouts, I have to find a good local shop which can scan it for me so I can share it with you.
I also used to service them in the past, but I am a bit 'rusty' in that area.

There are some unobtainables, like the routing switches (and they are often problematic) and some potmeters.

Here is a picture of the lady in transit, and yes, on the left is the documentation..

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Re: 70s Soundcraft Series 2 Console
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Sweet score!

I would be forever grateful to you if I could get a scan of the complete manual from you at some point.

Ya some of the pots are not available... thankfully I got enough from an old tech to fix my broken ones.


Re: 70s Soundcraft Series 2 Console
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Sorry to dig up an old thread but it seemed most applicable to what I'm looking for.

Anyone know of a source for the triple gangs pots in these EQs? Been restoring a 24 channel one and might need to source some. A good cleaning has brought quite a few back to life, but I'd still love to track some down.

I might be dreaming...

Re: 70s Soundcraft Series 2 Console New
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Hey I’m new to the DIY boards.

I have a 32ch board from 1976. I keep frying the PSU and would love a hand troubleshooting it.

 I have started a soundcraft series two Instagram acct. I have a handful of people from all over the world already following.


 It’d be great to start a little community of Series II owners.
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