Poor man's 660
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There's a thread titled "Should I...?" which contains most of the answers to your several questions. It was an open discussion which led to the decision to hold the schematics as analag's property.

Nobody's trying to be elitist.

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Poor man's 660
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I have no problem respecting the wishes of the designers who want to keep the projects they labored over from being plastered all over the net.  They have every right to do so, and I fully support them.  Remember, they can always decide to keep their ideas/designs to themselves, but they don't because they're generous people.  

It's not a "right" to have these projects; it's a privilege.



Poor man's 660
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I don't see a problem here.  Analag did the hard work and it is his right to decide how to distribute the results.  We've lost a couple of major contributors to this place over the years at least partly because of the "IP" (intellectual property) issue.  If you've never designed anything of consequence (be it a circuit, software, machinery, or whatever) you may not fully appreciate how much domain knowledge, skill, time, and effort is involved in producing something that works.  We're not cranking out french fries here.  

The knowledge required to do engineering design is not "secret" but it is also not free.  If you want it, you can study, experiment, practice, and toil for years to achieve some level of capability.  That is your right.  To whine because a talented designer (who has actively pursued his trade for years) has shared his results with some minimal restrictions is more than a little childish.  Step back and look at the bigger picture.

If it is to be, it is up to me.


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