slew of studio gear related questions
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1.  the LA2A is a leveling it does increase the output...or it is basically a preamp/compressor?
So if i used a phantom power brick for a condenser through a la2a, i would have a preamp/compressor in a way?

2. my recording card is old school....a SEKD Arc 88.
It sounds pretty good really, has built in preamps controlled via software panel.

I use outboard preamps going into the card mostly for phantom power ect.
My signals are getting 2 preamp boosts then, is this a problem?

sorry i am a bit ignorant to studio recording. Most studios i have been in have nice studios, with crap/minimal equiptment.
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slew of studio gear related questions
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1. The la-2a is a very very smooth and transparent compressor. It can provide gain but the out level is meant as a makup gain control. Generally, a compressor used upon record as in the configuration you have described, is used lightly to avoid clipping at the input with very dynamic unpredicatble sources such as singers.

Do not dwell on the "amplifier" part of leveling amplifier. That's what they called them back in the day. As the la-2a reduces gain, it's actually a de-amplifier (But I just made up that term - don't use it). It is not to be confused a preamp.



slew of studio gear related questions
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However because the la2a can output a high gain one could plug a mic into it and it would work as a mic pre.

This also works for the urei 1176 and universal audio reissues.  However to think of it as a pre+compressor would not be correct IMO

As for question 2

It's should not be a  problem that you have 2 stages of gain. The outboard mic pre and then the one on the card.  However with this setup it is possible to distort the mic pre on the sound card if the output of the outboard pre is too loud/hot,etc,etc. That in term will cause a distorted signal to get recorded. The duel stages might cause the signal to clip in you daw software of choice but hey if that hasn't happened yet then your fine and I wouldn't worry.
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slew of studio gear related questions
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rock on.
The only distortion problems i have had is from my old singer.
this guy would sing soooooo loud that my ears would distort in the car if he sang. I had to always use a preamp turned way down, then a compressor to keep his signal in check to get a recording from him.
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