hi there!
i bought an isa 115hd dual pre/eq and i find out that if filled  with random brand lytics,some i'm willing to recap both channels so i could match them atleast the brand!
does anybody nows what was used on the originals?

i think somebody recap the unit but used random brands even between channels!(i hope they were not building them this way
 :grin: )

anyway any help appreciated!!!

best regards

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lytics on vintage isa pre/eq?
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Good quality, value-for-money caps were used in the originals.
Don't bother to try to match the brands.... it's a waste of good time. The originals will inevitably be 85 degreee C rated, and the 115's run very  warm.
Replace with good quality caps, low ESR, 105 degree C. The worst that will happen is that the unit will not sound any different, in all probability the sound will improve.


Hi there to every one!!!
I hope everyone to have the best year ever,this year!

i started recapping the isas but during the process i found out that,some of the caps had different value between 2 channels so i started searching for a schematic to get the job done

eventually i found a service manual for isa series,but it doesn't contained the info i was looking for :(

anyway i need help in two issues here,first i would like to know if there is an isa 115 user/owner out there that is willing to help me by making a component(c4->100uf/50v etc) list so i could go with the right values :-*

And second I would like to know how can I upload some schematics/service manuals for isa series,emi tg series for anyone needs them!

Any help appreciated!

best regards



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