My first DIY contraption - "Ghetto Nine"
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I been lurking on this board for years, but haven't built anything, for various reasons, mostly lack of time, parts, etc.. I'm not a complete n00b, in my better years (high school) I was into electronics and such, but then I dropped out of college and instead of electronics engineer I became a boogie singer, singing in a rock-n-roll band, (you know the drill)... Promiscuity and substance abuse didn't leave any free time for more meaningful hobbies, then it was work and family, but I was sure I can build something, if I gather enough random parts and have some spare time.. Anyhow, after a few weeks of ocassional dremelling, drilling, soldering, and shouting "I'm coming honey!" I built this.
I, naturally, plan to build a number of devices that are popular over here, but wanted to start with something simple.
So I began with some rack unit, apparently from some tape duplication system:

And here we are!

Little copper-clad box on top houses a small wallwart transformer that produces high voltage... Output cap switches allow to switch between 10uF russian paper-in-oil capacitor or regular polypropilene or both for output. Some small UTC transformers from ebay are used for audio.. Hi-pass switch is 11 pos too, love to cut me some lows!

Looks rather messy inside, more of a cunning stunt than p2p, however, to my surprise, when I wired it up and turned it on, no smoke came out and the fuse was still there... Then I hooked it to an amp, and ran guitar and rhodes through it - nice range of sounds from clean to overdriven. Have yet to try it with mic, but I wanted it mostly for rhodes..  I also installed a "bias" pot, which reduces the bias of the first stage, hoping to get more distortion that way, didn't quite work out, probably you get more distiortion from de-biasing power tubes... Will have to experiment with that later...
And, for an extra ghetto touch, I installed LEDs under the tubes because they don't produce enough light.... :grin:

Anyway, thanks to Gyraf, and all good folks here at prodigy-pro, you make it possible and inspire others with your example!


My first DIY contraption - "Ghetto Nine"
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this thing looks HOT

Quote from: PRR
The tubes of course don't care what frequency they distort


My first DIY contraption - "Ghetto Nine"
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Cool build.  I actually have some of those same boxes that I've used for sundry diy.


My first DIY contraption - "Ghetto Nine"
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OMG!  Finally sombody who can rival my sloppy builds (but not surpass, you did a nice job finishing the piece)!  That's awesome!


My first DIY contraption - "Ghetto Nine"
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Proper DIY!
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My first DIY contraption - "Ghetto Nine"
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My first DIY contraption - "Ghetto Nine"
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If it sounds good, don't move a single wire.
If I can't fix it, I can fix it so nobody else can!
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