NJ voting
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A story

A few elections ago.

I went to vote.  The voting machine was the same electronic type I voted on before.
  I live in a small town and some people know others in town.  When I voted before I pressed the membrane switches and the LEDs came on at the selections then I pressed the switch at the bottom right and here is the IMPORTANT part the machine plays a series of tones signifying the vote was cast and the leds go out.

So two? elections ago I go to vote.  I hand in my number and enter the machine select and see the leds go on by the selections and then press the bottom right button NO TONES! but the leds go out.  Standing in the machine I ask the workers did I vote? After a few mins the older woman tells me NO she forgot to set the machine with my number.  She sets the machine I select and press the button and now I heard tones.

I noted a number of older people with hearing aids and began to wonder how easy it might be for people that did not pay attention not to have their votes count.

Pay attention know or ask how the machine works/responds before voting is what came out of this for me.


NJ voting
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Our machines here are very simple. The ballot is paper, where you use a Sharpie to draw a line to complete the arrow of the vote you wish to cast. Then it's read by an optical reader, like a Scantron.
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NJ voting
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So two? elections ago I go to vote. I hand in my number and enter the machine select and see the leds go on by the selections and then press the bottom right button NO TONES! but the leds go out. Standing in the machine I ask the workers did I vote?

I'm 26.  Never voted.  How would I know?  If this happened to me, I would ASSume I did because the LEDs went out.

(just got political this year, so I'm voting by the way)


NJ voting
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That is the point of the post.  If I had not voted before on a machine like that how would I know.  

I would ask how the machine is operated and how you know if you vote was counted and not care what others think.  I just looked over my sample ballot it does not have anything about the tone that I could find.

I am surprised there has not been posts about voting machines, lost votes etc........


NJ voting
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We should all be alert and on the look out.. I always have poll workers trying to follow me into the booth but I figure they're just small town nosy.

I fear the general public is a little too trusting of technology. We know better, but I suspect the voting machines will be better engineered than most things. IIRC mine had a printed paper record, but I didn't pay close attention.

I am not very concerned about the election being stolen by either Acorn (I see dead people..... voting), or the conservatives discouraging liberal voters.

In an interesting twist there was a voting official in MS arrested for bribing notaries to void votes he didn't like, and notarize ballots from non-voters or dead people still on the rolls. The twist is this was a black official dumping white voters ballots. You've come a long way bay-bee, all the way to the dark side. I think any dead people who show up to vote, need to be killed again so they can work it out with the person whose vote they are using. (just kidding folks). Curious tho' we have at least one county in MS with more registered voters than voting age adults.

I almost hope Obama wins with enough margin that we don't make a bunch of lawyers rich with more BS post election maneuvering. I doubt McCain can deliver enough of a margin to not be disputed. The whole nature of our electoral system is to make small popular vote differences look larger than they are... there is a reason for that.. The candidate is not as important as the nation accepting and supporting the winner of the election which ever one wins. By the time we get to this final vote, both candidates should be well vetted. As I've said before the real difference will be made in congress.

We truly need to move beyond the petty BS and realize we are in the same boat. It works best if we all paddle the same direction.

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