ssl clone from the start
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hi there all this is my first post,

i have read through a great deal of info on this forum concerning the Gssl clone. First i was looking at buying a Dbx 160 VU but after discovering this DIY compressor i liked the idea of having a bit of home made in my studio ( plus building my electronic skill's and understanding).My knowledge of electronics isn't great but i can solder to good standard.

i've downloaded the parts list compiled by Gregory W. Stein. are the vca's in the list?? is all i need in the list , full stop.. i already have a case an old Drawmer lx20 case

and this is where i have stopped.
in all honesty i just want to build a Gssl as simplicity as i can. obviously to a good quality. so my question is, is there a guide to doing this. ? what i mean by guide and this is where i am going to sound like an idiot, is where to solder what! I've never read a schematic is it easy to figure out?

Also to add a little more to my straining knowledge can i make it stereo, i guessing by two of all most everything but connecting the boards is there a guide to a stereo version? Or is having two mono version better in my case?

please don't be gentle !


Re: ssl clone from the start
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Hi and welcome!

There is no set of instructions as such.  The information on the forum is all the intrsuctions you need.  I appreciate that it's not organised in a very useable way compared to a normal manual, however what you'll learn when hunting for information, what you find in addition to what you intended to learn is invaluable.

Plus, if you get really stuck and searching hasn't turned up the answer to your problem, a post in the GSSL help thread should get you the info you need.

With regard to component placement, you'll see that in most parts lists, all the components are numbered.  This matches up with the component numbering prinetd onto the PCB itself.  For expample, R22 on the PCB, when you reference it against the parts list could be a 220k resistor or whatever, so that's the part you use.

Hope this helps,

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Re: ssl clone from the start
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ah rob

thanks its what i thought, i can't imagine its too difficult.

but could you answer my other question in regards to the list of components?
i have attached the parts list. is it all there?

i couldn't see the vca's


oop's i  have seen there in the list , it has the dbx 2150/2151
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Re: ssl clone from the start
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Hello and welcome!

The GSSL is already Stereo, is a Stereo Buss Compressor :)
Pick the parts from any online store near you, the VCA's are from here, the 3 ones you need are the 2180LA's or 2180LB's.
Please read the meta and the gyraf's page as well, because there are some changes you really need to know, like changing a 100k resistor with one of 127 (beacuse of the VCA's you'll use), change 2x 15k resitors with 2x27k for the unit's gain, and add a 47k resitor between the pcb and the threshold pot (for the threshold sensibility).
Take a look to this thread in black market about the a turbo board, is a nice upgrade to your GSSL explained here.

Hope it helps, dig into it! is a nice and a must have in your or any studio ;)


Eddie  ;D
Keep on Rockin' and DIYing!!!!


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