I am designing a faceplate for my GE Unilevel compressor faceplate in Front Panel Express and I need an image file in HPGL format to use it in that software. 

I have an image file that is a SVG file format and I need it in HPGL format.  I don't have the software to make the conversion. 

Can anyone help me out?  Could I e-mail the file to you (it's small) and have you do the conversion and e-mail the HPGL formatted one back to me?

I hope so. 



You should be able to find some free converters for that


What program is the panel laid out in?


You should be able to find some free converters for that

I searched far and wide for a free converter but came up empty handed.  Most of the "free" download sites I found were actually full of paid download programs.  I found a few "free" plug-ins to do the conversion but I never figured out what program they would have to 'plug into'.  I'm SURE I'd have to pay for THAT program.

Anyway...  Front Panel Express requires image files be HPGL format.  It's a vector type file.  The image I have is also a vector type file just the wrong file type.

A member on here messaged me and thinks he can do the conversion for me.  So that's cool.  I'm hoping he can open the file in his software, do a "save as" .hpgl and send it back to me.  Hope it will be that quick and easy. 


you would think FPE could convert it. I ran into the same thing when having mic badges lazer engraved. They wanted corell, but converted it from my TIFF

Try inkscape... It's a free vector program and from what I could gather (very quick look) it should support HPGL export.

good luck.

EDIT: Oddly I found you a new problem.... I don't see SVG import, so try it and hopefully it will work, otherwise, if you can make a high-res TIFF out of your SVG file, you should be able to import it and export as HPGL.
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I use img2CAD.

Converts any image file to HPGL.

Same as Mitsos said though...I don't see SVG...but if you can get it into any image will work.

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I found that none of the free converters do this. I used Corel Draw suite for this exact purpose with OK results. I don't have the suite currently installed but I'm sure some folks on this forum do.


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