Apex 460 / Alctron HST-11A mods for UK
« on: May 12, 2012, 06:16:52 AM »
Hi Guys,

wanted to start a thread for all the UK based mic modders!
I have just purchased a Apex 460 and investigating the best mod for me.
these are my findings so far:

1. change the tube for a ECC81/12AT7C available for £10.95 online.

2. change the capsule for a CK-12 at: http://microphone-parts.com/rk12-microphone-capsule/
this is the cheapest option i could find, price wise it works out about £80 + import tax.

3. change transformer to: Sowter 4935 http://www.sowter.co.uk/specs/4935.htm price is £60

4. change C8 capacitor to 0.68uf Mylar Capacitor, this one im not so sure about and this is up for debate:


price is about £5

5. mods for the power supply can be found in a pdf i will upload.

here some of the guides i have found:



this will be my first mid mod and i will be comparing the Apex 460 to the following:

Akg Solidtube (with foam removed and valve changed to 12AT7)
Akg 414 (mine sounds a little sibilant but brilliant mic if rolled off on the top end)
Se1a (these IMHO sound great for overheads and acoustic guitar)
Golden Age R2 Ribbon Mic (going to upgrade Trany and ribbon in this one so need mod)
Se 2000 (needs mod)
Se mini Mic (needs mod)

Any advise would be very welcome.

kind regards.

website: www.mohawkstudios.co.uk
email: [email protected]

If it hisses its probably the wrong impedance!!!
Or a snake!!!

Re: Apex 460 / Alctron HST-11A mods for UK
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2014, 11:42:17 PM »
Hi Spencer
Very helpful post, I'd like to buy an Apex 460/ Alctron HST-11A and try this mod myself.
I'm having difficulty finding one for sale within the Uk however - anything coming up on ebay seems to be from the USA.
Did you buy yourd within the UK or did you get it from the USA?



Re: Apex 460 / Alctron HST-11A mods for UK
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2014, 05:25:50 PM »

I'm interested in this also. Anyone in the uk want to chime in as to where to source these mics?


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