u87 output transformer
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Hi Andy,

No offense taken, or meant! And certainly not trying to teach you, or anyone else to suck eggs.

I guess from my perspective, I sometimes get ribbon mics in for repair which the customer thinks are noisey, when in reality the problem is use: impedence mismatch, dodgy cables, bad preamps or simply (as you note), it's the wrong mic for the job. Part of the problem is also that some people pick up an old reslo for a few quid on ebay, and think that with a 30 quid service it will compete a good RCA or Coles. But in principle, a good ribbon mic should exhibit an excellent signal to noise ratio. As you point out, finding a preamp with low noise at high gain is the barrier.

If you have the budget for that level of gear, I'd recommend checking out the Crowley and Tripp ribbons - they have a strong output and you can't break them! (Lots of advances in technology - neodynium magnets, new ribbon materials etc). Some people I trust have been recommending the active Royers too but I haven't heard them yet.

Anyway, getting off topic and didn't mean to hijack your thread on the Innertube mod, which is very interesting.

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u87 output transformer
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    All good!  :thumb:  :thumb:  :thumb:

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Re: u87 output transformer
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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anybody knows what the turns ratio is for u87 output transformer?

I am considering modifying my u87 guts now I have the Innertube retrofit. I  know that TAB funkenwerks do an upgrade transformer, but I was wondering what else might be available? Cinemag and Sowter do something, but size and/or ratio might be wrong.


Does anyone know the answer to the original question in this thread?


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