Mackie XLR 10
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Hi All
             I have a old pair of Mackie XLR 10 modules that I am thinking about racking up when I looked at the schematic I noticed some thing that seemed odd to me.. on the plug pin out to connect to the mixer it has two  +16 VDC and two -16 VDC and two +48 VDC for phantom..  why have 2  lines for each voltage ??? this seems odd to me… thank you in advance  for all your suggestions



Re: Mackie XLR 10
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check with a continuity meter if the doubled power lines are connected that will mean that they are just doubled on the pcb and you wont need a double power supply. Otherwise it might be needed for a ppm meter/relay or whatever extra circuitry there is on the pcb perhaps? i don't know the modules you're talking about so just a shot in the dark.