hi all, thanks to you folks, some free time and a few beers i finally have my g9 up and running at 100%! just need to engrave the front and she's ready to go.....at the risk of sounding like a complete moron here are a few simple pitfalls that i had to overcome, being a relative newbie and all....

check your switching jacks to make sure they are making contact properly! i had a switchcraft one and a RS one and they were both not making proper contact....this caused hours/days/weeks of confusion about grounding/output level issues...until i clamped the tongues together and suddenly had a nice clean signal...

check your lorlin switches once they are 'programmed' (ie turn fully counterclockwise before inserting the locking washer....thanks to jakob for this tip)...even though i did this i had to jerryrig one of them with two washers to make it stop at the right places, just a bad switch i guess...but more hours of distress...

if you have an issue w/ a channel but not w/ the other try switching out all the wiring harnesses in a varety of combintions to make sure the problem is a mechanical connection, not a blown part etc.....i know you all know this but i guess i tend to overcomplicate a problem until i come to the obvious simple solution...

well, hope this isn't too simple for all the wizards out there, just hope it helps someone like me w/big ideas but less tech savvy...thanks again to jakob for this beautiful sounding preamp and everyone who helped me out....

now do i dare try an la-2a....?   cheers, alex :)


Re: important but simple things i learned building my g9 for newbies
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Yes,  you should make an LA2A.
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Re: important but simple things i learned building my g9 for newbies
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Thanks for the hints / evaluation. I've linked here from the G9 META.

Jakob E.
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