I think they meant to say, "a program that extended product development for a year".  AKA we got stoned and forgot.


I'm quite happy with my Aurora 16.  It replace a 192 and fits in the overhead bin with my MacBook Pro and HD2 Accel in a Magma chassis.  Carry-on baby - the only way to fly (with yer own rig!).  From what they told me, it's latency is much less than a 192, and they dumbed it down so it would match Digi's.  It does run hot, and I have to open up the chassis and reconnect the Primary of the PT from series to parallel every time I cross the pond (why don't all manufacturers put in a switch for that?)


I have Alphalink ADAT serial #6.

I love that thing to death.  I use the mixpander 5 card.  I got my card and alphalink set for 3300$(total).  I don't think you can match that with 24 i/o of anything else..
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Alesis X2 information repository:


So we went for the SSL system. Alpha Link Madi, Delta link and a PCI-e Madi 64 card.

Just installed it, no problems so far (all of 2 hours...)

Just remember they don't include the poxy £10 madi optical cable in any of the boxes! arrrrr!
RS has them. RS#622-6343


Love to know how you find the sound of the box compared to whatever else you may have used.

Got an Ensemble as a hold me over but looking for more extensive I/O count asap.



I love mine aurora 16. One Aurora is two dig192, half of the price and better sound quality.
i like the dsub stuff. I am using pcie AES32. A great card of RME. The intern clock of the aurora is
very stable and precise i saw myself using it as mainclock in my system as i have not a separate bigben or antelope...
No reason for buying a dig192... you would regret it.
_,.-+~´'°| the superglue is my friend |'°~+-.,_


ah and of course, it is not as hot as you could cook eggs on it but it replaces your room heater if you have more of them ;)
_,.-+~´'°| the superglue is my friend |'°~+-.,_


ah and of course, it is not as hot as you could cook eggs on it but it replaces your room heater if you have more of them ;)

What sample rate are you using? They run much hotter at higher rates.....
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i use 88.2 for recording. i dont belief on 192khz recording but maybe it is good that the hardware can handle it.
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_,.-+~´'°| the superglue is my friend |'°~+-.,_


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