Re: Just got my Zoom H4
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dave,  I use my iphone for that =)


Re: Just got my Zoom H4
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After a frustrating attempt to get PTLE running on my notebook just so I could record a simple guitar/voice demo, I got online today and ordered an H2 for myself. This'll be the modern-day equivalent of the cassette boombox I used to use to lay down song ideas :)

As a things-must-go-on move after some perforated digital recordings, I must admit that recently
I've been taking the old Marantz 4-tracker into service again for >2 track rehearsal recording,
with a MS1202 in front of it for its mic-pre's.

Pretty simple, the thing is a joy to navigate & that's what you want during rehearsals.

Rather switch tapes than debug a computer each 22.5 minutes  ;)

That H4n does look tasty though... but let me wait for the next one that can use four external mics
and other additional nice-to-have-but-not-essential features that soon make it a too-many-cables-crash again...

Dave, enjoy that H2.



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Re: Just got my Zoom H4
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I'd rather switch tapes than debug a computer every 22 minutes! Damn straight! I even thought about dusting off the old Portastudio.


Re: Just got my Zoom H4
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I had H4 and finally gave to my dad as a present. I much prefer M-Audio Microtrack II for its portability, ease of use and most of all S/PDIF input. It uses CF card.

Best, M
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Re: Just got my Zoom H4
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One of the keys to smooth computer recording is building your own machine using only well known standard parts (Intel, Asus, Gigabyte, rather than AMD, MSI, Asrock whatever) and then using it for recording purposes only. Without an internet connection, you don't need anti-virus software or a firewall etc. A desktop machine obviously is more powerfull than a laptop. But if you have to use a laptop, get one with a "real" graphics processor, avoid by all means shared memory onboard graphics. It's not the graphics power that you need, it's just that the shared memory thing gets in the way of audio processing (i.e. dropouts). Also avoid exotic chipsets. Intel CPU + Intel chipset is the way to go.

But for quick song demos and couch recording, the Zoom H2 is hard to beat.  ;D
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Re: Just got my Zoom H4
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The H2 was waiting for me when I got home. Not long after taking it out of the box, I knocked out a quick demo.


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