Hello all,

have received and built this kit now.
Everything went very well,kit was complete in parts,nothing missing.
Adjustments  were easy,all was close to spot on from scratch,absolutely no issues.
Be prepared the solder nails for the test points need some serious force to put in,so just be careful while inserting them.
It also might be a good idea to let the unit heat up for some minutes,then repeat the balance procedure (which is the last step in adjusting it) two or three times and compare left and right channels.Mine were totally spot on then (within a 0.001VAC resolution of my dmm).
Mechanically everything fits like a glove.
Listening tests on monday in the studio.

Another great kit you have done Jean-Pierre,congrats,keep them going!

Attached a pic of proof,

best regards from munich,germany,


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Agreed, I finished mine and calibrated first channel yesterday. Hoping to get second channel calibrated and balanced later on today.

Finished , and working.
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