Thanks JP!

Those were my first thoughts as well and I went through them yesterday prior to posting. I did notice a few solder points that looked suspicious and I reflowed them. The only component leads I had not trimmed were the ones for the transformers, but they did have plenty of clearance. I went ahead and trimmed them now. I'm going to go through and double/triple check all of your suggestions while I'm waiting on the new resistors to arrive.

Thanks again


Email me 2 good pictures of your board, top and bottom. Maybe I can see something?


That would be great! I will send them over.


Hello, after sending a few photos to JP he was able to see the mistake I had made. The issue with both of my boards was that I had reversed the power transistor (Q1) and the voltage regulator (U13) :(

Both parts look similar, but they are in fact different components and cannot be used in place of one another. Hopefully this will help someone else with their build should they make a similar mistake. Lesson learned for me and thankfully the replacement parts are not to expensive to replace  :)

Thanks JP! Especially for your quick response, I appreciate your help!



Nothing personal but I find the classic GSSL compressor concept super boring and theres tons of clones floating around.
Will you ever consider developing a new VCA compressor with additional features and added transformers?


Hi JPK, do you know when the CP5176 will be back in stock ?


Second week of March.


Hello Jean-Pierre,

hope you‘re fine.
Have built your MP573 last weekend and I‘m superhappy with it.

Will they be in stock again?

Best regards,


Edit:Soundskulptor notified me today that kits are available again.All good,order placed.
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Hey JP,

Sorry for jumping on the 'in-stock' wagon, but any idea when the CP4500 will be in stock again?

All the best