On the back of the radio, there is a standard 5 pin DIN connector. It's labeled "tape".
As DIN audio connectors can be both input and output, I was hoping I could feed music from my computer to it, but all I got was loud hum.
Are these connectors only output most of the time? I can open her up to have a look, but its such a pita on this one  :-[
"All PCB traces are curved to emulate the electrical response of point-to-point wiring" -Drip

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DIN "tape" connections use center pin as ground, then two pins on one side are outputs, and the other two on the other side are inputs. The outputs are relatively low level, with quite a high impedance; the idea was that the outputs could be connected to Hi-Z line outputs or low-Z mic inputs. The inputs have generally the relatively standard nominal level of 100-300mV.
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Yes, I know of the pinout. Didn't know about the odd output.
But if the input is a standard input, this should work. But it doesn't. It's weird.
"All PCB traces are curved to emulate the electrical response of point-to-point wiring" -Drip


Sorry if I´m stating the obvious :P, but did you try different pinouts/combinations? The hum indicates input capability (with either ground ref. missing or input "hot" connected to "source" chassis) doesn´t it?

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